Personal Summary of Middle School Teachers'Annual Assessment 2019 Personal Summary of Middle School Teachers'Annual Assessment (1) XX Middle School is not only the cradle of cultivating excellent middle school students, but also the cradle of cultivating excellent teachers. In this fertile land, learning and living in a large group full of vitality, vitality and warmth, teachers' conscientious work style and down-toearth teaching style have greatly benefited me, and their role models have greatly benefited me.To make me realize that only by constantly learning, practicing themselves in teaching and pursuing progress can new teachers make themselves not only a member here, but also a pride here one day in the future, and hand in a satisfactory answer for the school and the teachers who cultivate me meticulously.1. Ideologically, since I joined the work, I have strictly asked myself to be a qualified people's teacher, earnestly study and comprehend the spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC and the important thought of "Three Representatives", keep pace with the times, love the post and work, be a teacher's model, love the students and respect the students, and strive to enable every student to enjoy a high-quality and effective education to varying degrees.Second, teaching work in the past six months, I am down-to-earth in my work, dare not be careless, prepare every lesson, have a good lesson, carefully correct every student's homework, heart enrichment and happiness.In the effective teaching training on Saturdays, I saw my progress. Under the guidance of President Zhao and Secretary Cui, I guided my teaching work in the right direction and encouraged me to work hard and never give up."Particles returned to warehouse" let me know that we should implement it well and try our best to let all the students master all the knowledge; Secretary Cui told us that we should be happy and happy in one mu and three parts of our land, and do our work well at the same time, we should also have a good mood.Listening to Teacher Tian, Teacher Wang and Teacher Zhu's lessons many times has taught me how to organize an efficient class, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of students and how to attend the last class before the exam. Let me know that students'achievements are directly proportional to teachers' labor.In the teaching work, I have been growing up in frustration. In the past six months, there have been many failures, many lessons and more gains.I haven't done a good job of returning granules to warehouse, and I haven't done a good job of every student. For individual underachievers, I haven't given timely personal guidance and encouragement, and I haven't made every student happy to learn English. This is my biggest failure, which is also my future work focus. The biggest harvest is that I can get along with students well and basically handle the relationship between teachers and students.Regardless of the past six months, I know I have to plan for the new semester.In the next semester, I must strive to achieve the following points: first, give individual guidance to those students who have not learned the textbook well, help them arrange a reasonable review plan, and encourage them to learn new knowledge with a good attitude; second, we must achieve "grain returning to warehouse" and "day clearing" to ensure that every student grasps all the knowledge they learn every day.Understanding, improving classroom efficiency and homework efficiency, can no longer leave any complications; Third, not only to maintain a good teacher-student relationship, more importantly, in this teacher-student relationship, but also strictly require students to feel the true love of teachers; Fourth, listen to more classes, learn from teachers; Fifth, care for every student with sincerity, care for students'learning.Study, life and psychology.Finally, I wish all teachers and students a happy holiday!Personal Summary of Middle School Teachers'Annual Assessment (2) Over the past year, I have abided by the rules and regulations of the school, loved students and United colleagues.We have made great efforts to study professional knowledge, consult with experienced teachers modestly and achieved good results through our own efforts. The report is as follows: First, we have actively participated in teaching and research activities, actively studied the contents o

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