Personal Summary of Kindergarten Work Warm sunshine, warm tea in hand bursts of heat, in the sunshine under the refraction of colorful brilliant shadows, thoughts were suddenly tracted by memory to last winter.Looking back on this coming year, it seems that last year's Christmas song still lingers in my ears. It is really a sigh of the passage of time, making my footsteps seem so hurried.Can be savored carefully, but also found that they are not easy to mature a lot.First, to temper ourselves and promote professional growth in the year of XXXX is a big step forward for the work of preschool education. In this year, our school provides front-line teachers with another platform, in order to let more teachers have the opportunity to show themselves.In such a stage, I and all the teachers have made great efforts to continuously improve their professional skills, to explore and study hard, to constantly refine themselves, and to promote themselves to a new level at the original level.2. Steady work, ordinary preschool education for excellence is a minor job for laymen, but for our front-line teachers, it is extremely challenging and trivial.Faced with the growing and vivid individuals with distinct personality, I often have to work overtime, make teaching aids, prepare materials, formulate measures, enter the family, guide them in different ways and promote their personality growth, in which I have paid a lot.Many teachers said that in fact, we can idle away some work, but for the future of the motherland, I still work steadfastly, because I firmly believe that there is no gains without giving.Look, in just a few months, the children's rapid personality development, listening, parents'applause, as well as the certificate of the advanced educator, this is my harvest.Thirdly, it is an important concept of international teachers'professional development to be diligent in thinking and to strive for progress in reflection.If teachers want to achieve sustained development and meet the requirements of educational reform, they must constantly reflect, study and improve in their teaching career.Find out the reasons for your failure, accumulate experience from your success, and keep climbing to the peak.So monthly reflective records, reading notes, teaching and research activities have become a bridge for me to think and learn. Only after repeated reflections can I find my weakness, keep learning and make progress.Although I have taken a big step towards my goals in this year, I still see that I still have many shortcomings.Unstable development, lack of theoretical level, too hasty thinking and lack of experience are all aspects that I need to work hard. In the year of xxxx, I believe that as long as I find the direction, I will make some breakthroughs and succeed!

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