Personal Summary of Kindergarten Term The summing-up time of kindergarten semester teaching is flying by. In a twinkling of an eye, a tense and full semester is over.Looking at the growing children, it seems that they are still listening to the noises of the children when they enter the garden in the morning.Looking back over the past month, I resolutely obeyed the school leadership's arrangement and went to kindergarten to work happily and under pressure.Under the leadership of the head of kindergarten, under the guidance of the head teacher, and with the cooperation of other teachers, I actively study the preschool education I don't know. I adhere to the principle of "being down-to-earth, doing things honestly, and teaching conscientiously", and strive to "do one line of love, one line of specialty".Actively accomplish the tasks laid out in the garden.Next, I will summarize the work of this semester as follows: one of the hot spots: this semester, according to the fee standards announced by the Education Bureau of the early semester.No extra money was charged because of the good source of students and the adjustment of the original standard.We should try our best to achieve low cost, high quality, social satisfaction and parents'reassurance.To standardize the operation of the garden.Second hot spot: according to the requirements of the District Education Bureau and in accordance with the spirit of the Outline, we should carry out quality education for young children.There are no special classes for parents.We should adhere to the principles and standardize the running of the garden.The above two hot issues concerning the standardization of school running are well done in this semester. We should continue to adhere to them.First, taking learning as the core, integrating preschool education to improve their own literacy "learning is endless", more than ten years of learning and life make me realize that only through a variety of channels of continuous learning, can we improve their own literacy and teaching level.In this semester, we often pay attention to the most advanced developments of preschool education at home and abroad, actively exchange learning experience with colleagues, and always around the leadership of the kindergarten, support the leadership work of the kindergarten, adhere to the combination of theory and practice, start from me, start from the small things around us, guide children with correct ideas, and do a good job in education.Continuous attention should be paid to the integration of teaching and learning, and the renewal of educational concepts, so as to integrate the spirit of Shenzhen Kindergarten Teachers'Educational Textbook into the actual teaching, and strive to make children the masters of Park activities.Give full play to the spirit of dedication and diligence, and take the initiative to cooperate with the head teacher to do a good job in all aspects of the work of the class.Never mind personal gains and losses, give full play to the team spirit of "you have me, I have you".Secondly, take interest as the main axis, carry out pre-school education according to the characteristics of children. 1. Strengthen the interaction of teaching and enhance the interest of children in learning.Early childhood education is a difficult process to transform a ignorant child into a disciplined and knowledgeable student.In this project, I am well aware that the first thing is to improve the quality of teaching and enhance children's interest in learning.Therefore, I continue to use my spare time to read more books that are helpful to my business, constantly broaden my knowledge, and inject new vitality into the teaching content.The key to improving children's learning desire for knowledge is to have good lessons.In order to have a good lesson, I make teaching plans and teaching tools by myself.Make full use of the interactive opportunities with children in class and after class to understand the quality of children's original knowledge and skills. Aiming at their interests, needs, methods, habits and the difficulties they may encounter in learning new knowledge, we should take corresponding teaching measures to stimulate children's emotions, make children have a happy mood and create a good classroom atmosphere.Guiding children to actively participate in various competitions, so that they can fully integrate into the school environment.2. Pay attention t

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