Personal Summary of Kindergarten Teachers Kindergarten teachers'personal summing-up time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, a tense and full term has passed.Looking back on this semester, with the enthusiastic support and help of all the leaders and teachers, I earnestly did all the work and actively completed the tasks assigned in the garden.Next, I will make a brief summary of this semester's work.1. Political and ideological aspects: actively participating in political learning, caring for national events, conscientiously implementing the Party's educational policy, strictly implementing the rules of kindergarten work, establishing a correct concept of children, firmly establishing professional ideas, actively participating in political learning and teaching and research activities organized in the kindergarten, and conscientiously taking notes.It is a line of criteria to study the Guiding Outline of Kindergarten conscientiously, to take the Outline as a reflection of one's own behavior, and gradually internalize the educational ideas and goals in the Outline into one's own educational concepts and value pursuit.Secondly, in the teaching work, I pay attention to the following points: 1. Deeply and meticulously prepare each lesson.In preparing lessons, I carefully study the textbooks, strive to accurately grasp the difficult points, and pay attention to referring to various magazines, pay attention to weakening the difficult points and emphasizing the key points.And constantly sum up to improve the teaching level.2. Take every lesson seriously, pay attention to children's initiative in class, divert children's thinking, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive ability, consciously cultivate the rigor and logic of children's thinking, improve children's thinking quality in teaching, and ensure the quality of teaching.3. Attention should be paid to hearing children's opinions, timely understanding of children's learning situation, and purposeful counseling for children.4. Persist in attending classes, pay attention to learning the teaching experience of other teachers, and strive to explore the teaching mode suitable for oneself.5. Pay attention to the study of educational theory, and pay attention to the application of some advanced theories to teaching, so as to make learning useful, so that their teaching level has been greatly improved, but also made me aware of some shortcomings in teaching.3. Leading class This semester I will continue to be a teacher of Grade One.As a teacher in charge of a class, I not only do my own work well, but also cooperate with the teacher in charge of the class to do a good job of child safety and teaching, so as to achieve strict requirements and high standards.Fourth, whether the work of parents in a class can be carried out smoothly depends not only on the efforts of several teachers, but also on the support and cooperation of parents.Especially in our class, due to various reasons, some children have poor self-care ability, so parents are more nervous and worried, and naturally our teachers are more demanding.In order to make parents trust, support and match our work, I have taken the following measures: 1. Actively and cordially communicate with parents.I made full use of the morning check-up and school time to communicate with parents, so that parents can understand their children's situation in the garden.2. Frequently send school communications.This can promote our teachers and parents to understand each other and make the relationship closer.3. Let parents participate in our work.In thematic teaching activities, we have carried out parent-child activities for parents and children to complete together. This activity not only promotes our relationship with parents, but also enables parents to understand our work better.This semester is very busy and very tired, of course, the harvest is not small.In the work I enjoy the joy of harvest, but also found some problems in the work.The harvest I enjoy will be used in my next semester's work. The problems I encounter need to be seriously considered and solved in order to make my future work better.

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