Personal Summary of Bank Staff Criticism and Self-Criticism Over the years of working in Shangyu Agricultural and Commercial Bank, under the correct leadership of the Party branch, through continuous learning and bid checking, my ideological understanding has been improved, and I have enhanced my sense of responsibility and mission to do my job well.In the ideological and practical work have achieved certain practical results, so that their posts and ideological quality have been improved and improved, but there is still a certain gap from the requirements of leaders and comrades.Next, in line with the principles of criticism and selfcriticism, I compare my own reality, dig out ideas and analyze the root causes.I deeply realize that I still have many shortcomings, mainly in the following aspects.It is hoped that the leaders and comrades will criticize and correct them. Existing Problems and Reasons Analysis 1.The degree of ideological emancipation is not enough.In terms of ideals and beliefs, there are some problems such as the weak consciousness of Party members, the sense of purpose and the sense of suffering.Insufficient study of political theory and sense of luck.I think that as long as we follow the Party organization to learn, it is enough to actively do our own work.Failure to strengthen selfstudy and improve political consciousness, consciously and systematically study the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, has led to a lack of high theoretical level.As a result, we do not attach enough importance to the self-transformation of our world outlook, life outlook and values, which makes our ideological level wander at a lower level, and our ability to look at, analyze and solve problems is obviously inadequate. 2.It is not enough to study knowledge and professional spirit.There is no initiative to squeeze out time to carry out selfstudy, systematic learning to pioneer the theory of excellence.Failed to spend their spare time on improving their own requirements and standards, satisfied to be able to cope with, almost.Specific work is not solid enough, the first thing to think about is to complete as soon as possible, not to do a good job.Without a detailed understanding of the facts, the conclusion is in vain, which leads to the contrary and results in the failure of the expected results.Although there is a plan for doing things, it is difficult to carry out according to the plan. The main reason is that we think that theory is not practical and that we can understand something roughly and be satisfied with a half-understanding. 3. The spirit of pioneering and enterprising is insufficient, lacking the drive and courage to face difficulties and create new situations. The style of work is tight and loose, the standards of work are sometimes not strict enough, and the sense of work is not backward enough to grasp the implementation. Direction of future efforts and rectification measures Through this criticism and self-criticism, I am determined to identify the problems, grasp the root causes of the problems, recognize the direction of future efforts, strive to overcome their shortcomings in future work, review themselves in accordance with the Party Constitution, standardize themselves and strictly demand themselves. First, we should carry forward the spirit of hard study and strive to transform the subjective and objective world.Political firmness comes from theory. Only by diligent study can we have firm political beliefs and detailed criteria for judging the length.Therefore, I want to make theoretical learning my first need.Specifically, in practical work, we should integrate our thoughts and steps into the overall deployment, firmly implement the work plan formulated by the Party branch, base ourselves on our own post, and make due contributions to the development of the branch. Secondly, we should continue to learn banking business knowledge, especially to grasp the business knowledge and business skills required by our own work, to improve the means and methods of work, to work diligently, to strengthen the ability of serving people, to study business knowledge, to constantly enhance the practical ability of doing our own work under the new situation, to renew our concept, to establish a new sense of service, and to firmly focus on it.The overall situation of the target tasks of the units and posts should be corrected so as to realize the transformation from passive service to active service, f

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