Personal stories Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Personal Stories Material is a good example. I feel that it is well written. I hope it will be helpful to you. I have rearranged it and sent it here [http:/].Personal stories Personal stories joining the     2013Since University in 1998, he has served as a member of the Civil and Recreational Committee in his class, and as a member of the Ministry of Arts and Culture in his sophomore year in the Student Union of the Ministry of College. He has developed into an activist and a volunteer in April 2015.Over the past three years, I have been willing to play a supporting role in the spirit of Xiaocao, and have done what a league member, class cadre and department cadre should do. In the long-term work, I have deeply realized that the Communist Youth League of China is the reserve army of the Communist Party of China.Carrying out the theme education activities to enhance the awareness of Communist Youth League members is an important measure to strengthen the party's progressiveness from the source and consolidate the young people's foundation of the party in power. It is a practical action to adhere to the party building, the League building and the party building, and to enhance the attractiveness, cohesion, creativity and combat effectiveness of the Communist Youth League.As a member of the Communist Youth League, while feeling extremely proud, the more important thing is to strictly demand oneself, and strive for high marks in learning, be politically advanced, and be active in activities.Since entering university, I have always remembered that I am a glorious member of the Communist Youth League, and I am strict with myself everywhere (from: XX).As a student, I regard learning as my first task, but achievement is not equal to satisfaction, but as a motive force to promote my progress, to promote my maturity, to integrate into society, and to shoulder the mission entrusted to members by history. Ideologically: In peacetime, we can earnestly study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", and strive to practice "Three Represents" and constantly improve our political accomplishment.I have a healthy and active mind and can often put forward some good opinions and suggestions.As a class recreational Committee member, I seriously organize the class's cultural and sports activities, and can actively guide non-league members to actively approach the League organization, model TOP100 to do a good job in recommending outstanding League members to the party organization.Firstly, we should rectify our thinking, raise our level of ideological awareness, and set up a leading and exemplary role as a member of the Communist Youth League. Secondly, we should actively participate in various activities organized by schools, learn theory in activities, and practice theory in activities, so as to make learning practical, which also conforms to the principle of combining Marx's theory with practice. In terms of learning: I deeply realize that ideals alone are not enough. We must also know how to learn, how to think, how to combine learning with thinking, how to combine learning with learning, how to combine learning with learning, and how to combine learning with practice.Only by grasping both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge can we be welcomed by the society; only by grasping the theoretical knowledge of the learned books and lacking the flexible application ability of knowledge and skills, can we also not meet the requirements of modern society for talents.Therefore, theory and practice are inseparable. We should always take practical application as the ultimate learning goal and learn in practice.Always maintain a high enthusiasm for learning and a strong desire for knowledge, practice in learning.I have a scientific career planning, a clear learning goal, serious study of professional knowledge, hard work, timely completion of homework after class, careful review, preview together, and often read various newspapers and magazines, not only cultivate their own sentiment, but also broaden their horizons. In life: As a student cadre, I actively help students who are in trouble. I live in a harmonious dormitory, care for each other, work together and make many friends.Taking parttime jobs without affecting study and go

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