Personal resume (student) Personal resume (student) Self-evaluation: I am cheerful, steady, energetic, warm and sincere.Work conscientiously and responsibly, be proactive, can bear hardships and stand hard work.Strong organizational ability, practical ability and team spirit, can quickly adapt to various environments, and integrate them. On-campus employment: 19XX.9-20XX.6 as monitor in class 20XX.9-20XX.6 as Vice-Chairman of the Student Union of the Department 20XX.9-20XX.6 as Vice-Chairman of Student Union and Member of Class Physical Education 20XX.9--Up to now, he has been a member of the class organization. Social practice and practice: 19XX.11-20XX.6 coaches a junior three student in each subject. During a period of coaching and cooperation, the student's achievement in each subject has been improved, which is highly praised by his parents. 20XX.6-20XX.9 internship in the XX City Film Company, responsible for the daily affairs of the office, engaged in personnel and enterprise administration, after the internship, the leaders gave me a very high evaluation and awards. 20XX.6-20XX.9 During the summer vacation, he served as an office assistant in the local municipal government departments, handled various management affairs, and assisted the leaders to do a good job of management, which was praised and affirmed by the leaders unanimously. 20XX.4-20XX.8 internship in contract office of XX Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.To organize the establishment of "xx Provincial Association of Enterprises with Emphasis on Contracts and Credit Keeping", use skilled office automation equipment, draft and review various office documents, arrange and print files, manage office daily affairs, coordinate well with other units and departments, and assist the leaders of this department to do a good job in management, etc.Through their own efforts and conscientious and responsible completion of the task, the Association has been granted by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce to the National Association of Excellent Credit Organizations.For the work during the internship, the directors and section chiefs give me high appraisal and reward. The awards and achievements during the school period; The 20XX - 20XX academic year was awarded the title of "Three Good Students". 20XX - 20XX academic year was awarded the title of "Excellent Communist Youth League member". The 20XX academic year was awarded the title of "internship activist". In the practice work, he has sponsored the "xx Provincial Association of Enterprises that Value Contracts and Keep Credit", and has been appraised as the Excellent Association of Credit Organizations by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. Second place in the school football league Acquisition of certificates: College English Band 4 Certificate, National Computer Band 2 Certificate, Secretary Intermediate Skills Certificate, Public Relations Qualification Certificate, Microsoft Windows 98 product master, Microsoft Word 20XX product master, Microsoft Office 20XX office software expert and so on Major in professional courses: Sociology, Logic, Administration, Human Resources Management, Human Resources Management Cases, Business Administration, Basic Writing, Public Relations, Public Computer Science, Municipal Science, Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought, Information Management, Legal Basis, Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law, Social Psychology, History of Chinese Political System, College English, Administrative Leadership and Decision-making ScienceSecretariatology, Administrative Ecology, Applied Writing, Administration and Office Automation, Political Economics, Public Policy, Interpersonal Relations, Negotiation, Chinese Official System, Chinese Traditional Etiquette Culture, Public Management, Social Investigation and Research, Administrative Philosophy, etc. Personal expertise: Communication, organization, management, writing, computer, literature, analytical research, football, music, etc.The knowledge structure of management theory is firm and can be fully and successfully applied in practice; the basic knowledge of English is solid, with certain listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation abilities; familiar with computer networks, proficient in office automation, and rich practical experience in hardware installation and application of various software. Job-hunting intention: I would like to work in enterprises

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