Personal Resume Full name: Zhong Xiang Native place: Yulin, Guangxi Gend male Date o er: Natio birth: Chinese n: Education: Secondary specialize d school Graduation school: Marita status Major Application of Politic : Electronic outloo Technology Guangxi Yulin Electri Engineering School.() ID card No. Interest Hobbies: Computer, Internet, Cycling... Electro cs Mail: contact Fill in t Telephone: form Date: work Year, year and month Compan Shenzhen Guanlan Factory Shenzhen Longga Jirisheng Electrica Mechanical Produ experienc Shenzhen Guanlan e Self Familiar with the system (fast an descripti traveling; will have the system&a on copy and transfer format, hand-k independently see the drawing m line cutting processing; understa guide wheel change, simple troub Processed: Hardware mold, plast accessories...

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