house rental agreement Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A): ____________________________ Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B):____________________ Party A and Party B have reached the following agreements on the lease of the following houses: Article 1 Basic conditions of houses. Party A's house (hereinafter referred to as the house) is located in __________________________ Article 2 Use of houses. The house is for rental housing. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, Party B shall not arbitrarily change the use of the house. Article 3 Term of Lease. The lease term is from _________________________ Article 4 Rent. The total rent of the house is __________________________________If Party B terminates the lease, it must submit half a month's notice, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded. Article 5 Party A's commitment to housing property rights. Party A guarantees the ownership of the property right of the house and provides corresponding certificates.At the time of the transaction, there is no dispute over the property right of the house; except as otherwise stipulated in the supplementary agreement, Party A shall settle the mortgage, mortgage debt, taxes and rents before delivery of the house.Party A shall assume full responsibility for the above-mentioned unliquidated matters after the transaction, and Party A shall be responsible for compensation for the economic losses caused to Party B. Article 6 Liability for maintenance. Party A shall bear the normal overhaul cost of the house; Party B shall bear the daily maintenance cost of the house. Party B shall bear and compensate for the losses and maintenance costs of the house and its associated equipment caused by Party B's poor management and use. During the lease period, Party B shall carry out the provisions of the relevant local departments and assume full responsibility and obey Party A's supervision and inspection in respect of fire safety, comprehensive management, safety and security. Article 7 Relevant expenses during the period of house leasing. During the period of housing lease, the following expenses shall be paid by Party B: water and electricity charges; Article 8 The lease term expires. 1. After the expiration of the lease term, if Party B requests to continue the lease, Party A will give priority to consent to continue the lease. 2. After the expiration of the lease term, if Party A does not explicitly indicate that it will not renew the lease, it shall be deemed to agree to Party B to continue the lease. Article 9 If the house is damaged or damaged due to force majeure, the two parties shall not be liable for each other. Article 10 This contract shall enter into force on the date of signature by both parties, in duplicate, and each party shall hold one copy, which shall be equally authentic.All liabilities and compensation for the losses of the observant party shall be settled through consultation between the two parties. This agreement shall be in duplicate and each party shall hold one copy, which shall come into force upon signing. Note: Because the target company of the lessee is not clear at present, the tax and fee incurred will be settled by the lessee's company itself, which has nothing to do with the lessor. List of items in the house: Party A (Signature): ______ Party B (Signature):______ Telephone: Telephone:

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