Personal Plan for Kindergarten Teachers in Small Classes This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Personal Plan for Kindergarten Teachers in Small Classes Basic Situation of Class One The new semester will start again. After the life of the third class in the last semester, every child in the class has made progress and improved to varying degrees. Most of the children have adapted to the collective life of kindergartens.But there are many children in the game, often self-centered, do not care about others, often quarrel for toys, our third class is particularly prominent, so this semester we have to train more in this area, so that they learn to "negotiate, cooperate, communicate, share".In learning activities, most children can learn quietly, but some children do not have good learning habits.As a result, it can also affect other children and lead to distraction.Most of the children in our class are good at moving, so the development of walking, running, jumping and other movements is better, but the children are more casual, more free, a little "open, not close" feeling.In addition, there are some children who have better acceptance but are not confident. They do better in answering questions collectively and individually, but they can not play a leading role.In this semester, we focus on all aspects of training, and make the following plans: 2. Conservation Because the children in the small class are new to the kindergarten, parents'embrace, leaving coming to their the teacher's side, from the familiar family to the unfamiliar environment, we should first stabilize the children's mood and change their dependence thinking. Moreover, the children in the small class are younger and our focus is on eating and urinating. Secondly, we should use my love, care and patience to enable the children to integrate into the new life in a short time.Finally, we should physical pay attention and mental to children's health, and pay attention to every child so that children can grow up healthily and happily. We should strictly carry out class sanitation and disinfection work to create a comfortable and healthy living environment for children. Three aspects of education and teaching At the same time, I will meticulously carry out normal teaching work, organize lively and interesting activities, elaborately make teaching toys, give recognition, appreciation or encouragement to children's good behavior and performance, so that children can more confidently and actively participate in various activities. For those children with weak abilities, our teachers should pay close attention to them and help them in time so as to improve children's self- reliance.We should learn from other teachers, consult experienced teachers when we encounter problems and prepare lessons with emphasis and difficulty. If we are not clear, we should carefully locate the teaching contents. We should understand the contents of the textbooks, understand them thoroughly and teach each lesson well. In the routine training, let the children gradually form a more conscious behavior, take timely analysis of the principles for a small number of children's bad behavior, and give appropriate education, guide children to develop good behavior habits, strengthen children's civilized courtesy is education, so that children receive the edification of civilization from an early age. Fourth Development Goals: (1) Health     1Physical health, emotional stability and pleasure in collective life.    2Learn how to wash your hands and face correctly. Learn to go to the toilet independently and form the habit of drinking water.     3Be interested in sports and learn some basic sports skills.    4Learning to avoid some risk factors that may arise in daily life. (2) Language field    1Be willing to talk with others and speak politely.     2Listen attentively to each other's speech and understand everyday expressions.     3To communicate in Putonghua, to express one's own requirements and ideas in simple short sentences    4They are willing to use language, action, voice to express what they understand a

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