The Secret of Excellence Li Yan Lin It is still clearly remembered that on the day of late autumn, the gardener in the dormitory yard was busy digging around the bamboo grove, cutting off the bamboo roots one by one, digging out ditches nearly half a meter deep, and building brick walls around the bamboo roots.I squatted aside to help sort out the bamboo roots, and listened to him say, "If you don't grasp the encirclement, next year there will be bamboo all around here." Ten years ago, when I moved into my new dormitory on the outskirts of the city, the bamboo just planted outside was dry, lifeless and lacking in ingenuity.I'm really worried that it won't work.Who knows, in just a few years, this cluster of bamboo grew up handsomely.In the early spring, the bamboo pole changed from withered yellow to grass green, with pale yellow and tender shoot tips.In midsummer, a green stretch of green, autumn and winter are still waving the green palm of life.In the early morning, I was walking along the stone path in the yard. Chirping birds and sparrows were chirping in the bamboo forest. It was really interesting to see Nanshan in a leisurely way under the eastern fence of chrysanthemum picking. Bamboo grows by rooting. It likes mild and humid climate. It grows mainly in the south.At the end of 1960s, the South bamboo was successfully moved to the north in Shandong and other places. Bamboo was transplanted into mountain areas, water sources, ditches, fields and roadsides, which greatly improved the natural ecological environment.Varieties are mostly early garden bamboo, light bamboo, mottled bamboo and so on. I have witnessed the growth of this cluster of bamboos.The first three years of planting did not see growth. After the rainy season of the fifty-sixth year, the surrounding soil was arched out of cracks. The ground unexpectedly emerged with dark shoots with thick fingers. They drank rain with their small mouths. Every day they could leap half a palm high. In autumn, they had grown to three or four meters high and became the eldest son in the bamboo forest.But after Hsinchu grew, other plants within a few meters around it seemed to stop growing.I asked the gardener that the first three years of newly planted bamboo were not long or even short, but rooted in the ground in a way that was not easily perceived by people.The roots hold tight and spread silently into a series around the ground.This is why bamboo seldom dies when planted on the earth.After more than three years of underground growth, a bamboo plant has not yet sprouted upward, and its roots have stretched more than ten meters underground, which is really "extensive and profound".Sometimes a whole bamboo forest is actually a "bamboo tree" with roots linked together. The roots and stems in the ground are coiled into a knot, and the head and tail can not be distinguished.When Hsinchu began to sprout and grow, all kinds of plants around it were out of reach. I carefully observed the emergence of new bamboo in the bamboo forest, most of which were higher in late autumn than the old bamboo in the past.That day I asked the gardener, he wiped the sweat beads on his forehead and told me: "Bamboo rooted for three years does not get up, hold the vigorous bud root, save energy for future generations.Once the shoots and buds break the soil, they are full of bottom gas, higher than the old bamboo. People's growth, but also learn the tolerance of bamboo, first down-to-earth, developed roots, and then break the soil, pull up joints leap. 1.This is a prose which borrows material to describe people. What characteristics do you think bamboo-like people have in the prose?(4 points) 2.Analyse words and sentences.(4 points) Appreciate the following sentences from a rhetorical point of view.In midsummer, a green stretch of green, autumn and winter are still waving the green palm of life. (2) Please analyse the following sentences with a few words, roots, vigor, and silently spread out into a series around the ground. 3.What is the magic of this article, which is titled "The Secret of Excellence"?(4 points) 4.Imitate: Combine the theme of the article. Select examples and complete the following paragraph.(4 points) Throughout ancient and modern times, there are numerous people in China who possess the spirit of bamboo. After several years, Zuo Si finally finished Sandu Du, which made Luoyang paper expensive. Wang Xizhi used to write and ink pools, created exc

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