Our Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival Class 62, Zhonghua Road Primary School I. Purpose of activities:   1The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. Through the MidAutumn Festival, students can understand the cultural core contained in traditional Chinese festivals, truly understand the festivals, understand Chinese traditional culture, help teenagers strengthen the cultural concept of scientific festivals, and promote innovative Festival culture.    2Introduce the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival and understand the customs of Mid-Autumn Festival in various parts of China.     3Enhance students'love for their parents and their motherland, so that the festival really brings us happiness and happiness. Activity time: 2019.9.9 3. Activity preparation: Su Shi's Water Tune Song Head, Mid-Autumn Lantern Riddle, Pictures, Mooncakes Place of activity: Class 6 (2) Classroom V. Activity process: Teacher: Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China.China gradually attaches more and more importance to traditional culture and folklore.Today, we are going into the Mid-Autumn Festival together to experience the MidAutumn Festival. I. Origin and Customs of Mid-Autumn Festival   1The Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival    (1) Teacher: Every sunny night, what is in the sky? What is the moon like? (There is the moon).The moon is like a jade plate and a round cake.)   (2) Show the round moon cakes and let the students compare. Teacher: When is the moon at its fullest?)   (3) Talk about the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival. Teacher: Who knows the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival?    (4) Summary: On August 15, the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the moon is full, symbolizes reunion, so it is also called reunion festival.It originated in the Wei and Jin Dynasties and became a fixed festival in the early Tang Dynasty. It is also the second traditional festival after the Spring Festival in China.Another saying of the Mid-Autumn Festival is that the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar coincides with the ripening of rice. Every family worships the God of land. The Mid-Autumn Festival may be a relic of the autumn newspaper.   2Legends and Folk Stories of the Mid-Autumn Festival   (1) Teacher quotes: Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important festival in the eyes of our Chinese people.The reunion of the full moon is a warm, harmonious and poetic festival.The most famous legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival is that Chang E flew to the moon. Teacher: Who can tell us about the legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and some folk stories?   (2) Naming and telling the story of Chang'e running to the moon.    (3) Lead the team members to tell different versions of legends, such as Wu Gang Vagui, Jade Rabbit and so on.Teacher (Summary): It seems that MidAutumn Festival is the most humane and poetic festival.   3Introduction of Mid-Autumn Festival Customs by Team Members Teacher's quotation: Okay, listen to the story I told you, you must not finish it.Now let's invite Chang'e girl Let us introduce the interesting traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival. (worship of the moon, worship of the land lord) 2. How much do you know about the good sentences in the Mid-Autumn Festival poems and lyrics Teacher: Some people say that when we miss our relatives twice during the festival, the yearning for reunion will surely be closer. Especially when the moon is high, the poet will use poetry to express his yearning for his hometown and relatives.(1) On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the third day of the third lunar month hundreds of years ago, it was Mr. Dawenhao Dongpo who wrote the famous Mid-Autumn Festival Lyric "Water tune song head? What time does the moon have", "I hope people will last forever, thousands of miles will be beautiful" from this word.Teacher: Today, let's enjoy this wonderful word together.   (2) Reading aloud with emotion: Su Shi's "Song Head of Water Tune" and Liu Yuxi's "Taoyuan Playing the Moon on August 15th Night"   (3) Learning to Sing Su Shi's Water Tune Song Head Most of our poets are concerned about the country and the people, and most of them are frustrated in their fate. They often wander outside, live abroad, and homesickness has become an important part of their lives. Therefore, there are many poems on homesickness. What else do you know?     (4) Read aloud "Boat Guazhou" and "Memory of Shandong Brothers on September

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