Classmates, autumn is coming, osmanthus blossoms, like osmanthus? Sweet-scented osmanthus Osmanthus fragrans: also known as Oleaceae.F lowers are yellow or white, very fragrant, flowering Mid-Autumn Festival.Drupe ellipti c, blue-purple, mature early next summer.Th e species are Jingui (golden yellow), Dangu i (orange yellow), Yingui (whiter), Sijigui (whiter).It is a traditional precious fragr ant flower, an important tree species for u rban greening and beautification.Osmanthus fragrans can be used as sweets after preser vation. Brief introduction author Qijun (1917-2006) is a modern female writ er, formerly Pan Xizhen, a native of Yong jia, Zhejiang Province. She graduated fro m the Chinese Department of Zhijiang Univ ersity, Hangzhou.In 1949, he went to Taiw an and settled in the United States. He p ublished more than 30 kinds of essays, no vel collections and children's literature works, including Smoke and Sorrow, Red Ya rn Lamp, Osmanthus Blossom Rain, Reading and Life, etc. Reading requirements: 1. What is the main poin t of the text? What did the text say? The text mainly talks about the author's rec ollection of Osmanthus fragrans in his child hood and shaking Osmanthus fragrans for h is mother. Reading requirements: 2. What is osmanthus rain? 2. What is osmanthus rain? What does "osmanthus rain" mean? When the osmanthus blossoms are shaking, the osmanthus blossoms fall one after anot her like rain. Reading requirements: 3. How to segment the text ? Paragraph 1 (Section 1) When I was young, I liked Osmanthus fragra ns best. Paragraph 2 (Sections 2 and 4) Recalling "Swaying Osmanthus" and "Swaying Osmanthus" in childhood“ The scenario of collecting osmanthus fragr ans. Paragraph 3 (Sections 5 and 6) Mother's words lead to the memories of chi ldhood "rocking flower music" and shower s of osmanthus. Draw sentences describing the fragra nce of osmanthus trees and osmanthus flowers, think about the meaning of each sentence, and communicate with the students in the group. Section I Reflection: 1. What is written in this sectio n? 2. Why does the author like Osman thus fragrans? 3. How to highlight Osmanthus fra grans? Sweet-scented osmanthus trees look silly, not like plum trees have po sture. When it does not blossom, it is only the leaves that fill the trees; when it blossoms, it is only by looking carefully in the bushes that you can see the small flowers.B ut the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans is so charming. Second quart When Osmanthus fragrans is in full bloom, there are at least er a dozen neighbors who are not immersed in the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans.

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