XXX Co., Ltd. On-the-job Training Form for New Employees  Provisional pre-service training plan  P/PC Z-19-05-068 Name of trainee: Team: Date of entry: Seria Train Training effect l time (Assessment and num Training contents ber 1 2 signature by team leader) Our company's rules and regulations Basic knowledge of products Production Safety Awareness 3 4 5 Post skills Quality consciousness Remarks: 1. In order to more effectively guarantee the safety of employees, improve work efficiency and ensure product quality, all new arrivals (including new employees and old employees transferred from operation posts) must be arranged by the head of department to organize training of operation skills, quality requirements and safety awareness of the employees before they take up their posts. Only after passing the examination, can they be corrected.Type on-duty operation. 2. This form is used as the on-the-job training form for employees in new posts. All places in the form that should be signed must be confirmed by the corresponding personnel. The administrative department will withdraw this form for the record within one week after the staff arrives. Training staff qualified signature: signature: department head signature: training teacher

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