Core tips:Dear ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Welcome to middle age whispers. I'm the online host of this evening.Lan Xin: dear ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Welcome to "middle aged whispers" Flower Shadow yingyu love song - love... Dear ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Welcome to middle age whispers. I'm the online host of this evening.Lan Xin: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the scene of "Flower Shadow yingyu love song Valentine's Day party". I'm Lan Xin, the online hostess of this evening.Seven small: light to dazzle the beautiful and comfortable movement, the sunshine in February will come to the smile of holly leaves, the cheeks of flowers will gradually clear in the eyes of spring wind, Nightingale will also sing the reverie of intoxicated red wine. Light to the petals falling from the tree of youth, the wave of life, love is the main singer. Lanxin: the bell of spring far away, the fragrance of snow and velvet, see the skirt of spring fluttering, the wings of dream flying again lightLove, pain and hurt, all precipitated into reclusive poems, and stroked the vibrato on the heartstrings again. The unswerving feelings are as long as white clouds. Seven small: Jianjia green, White Dew as frost.The so-called "Yi Ren" is on the water side.In this intoxicating season of gradual snowflakes, you walk to me with gentle steps from afar, adding hope and fantasy to me, I am looking forward to your arrival, looking forward to another heart stirring moment.Lanxin: talk about the language of Qin Dynasty.Willing to speak with virtue, hand in hand.It's fate to meet each other. It's glittering with candlelight and a little red. It's fragrant with roses. Here, we are eager for the harmony of harps and harps. We're eager for the meeting and smile between Gong (Gong) and Gong (Gong).Seven small: very glad to get together with you. On behalf of the room's founder and all the management, welcome you! First of all, I'd like to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to you!Lanxin: the colorful candlelight decorates our room in a beautiful and colorful way. The romantic feelings open our arms to embrace this wonderful time. On this night of singing and laughing, we meet in middle-aged private talk.Seven small: tonight, people gather in candlelight to enjoy the scenery, drink wine and write poems in the Eden, and have a dream of reunion under the starry night. Let's look forward to the beauty, and extend infinite reverie under the intoxicated sky with a little intoxication...Lanxin: tonight, the bright moonlight falls like water, clear our love for each other.I can't see the incomplete regret, friend, do you feel it?The perfection of human nature is being baptized by the noble moon.Sing hope, with you, life will be gorgeous...

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