Attention!These things must not be done to the newborn! It's not easy to raise a baby.Some things, if the novice parents do it carelessly, may cause harm to the baby.So what can't be done to a newborn? 1. knead baby's face The baby's face is cute, so many people can't help pinching it.But this kind of practice is very bad, can affect the development of baby parotid gland even.If pinched too much, it will cause the baby to drool and aggravate the Eczema problem. 2. give water to the newborn. In fact, there is no need to supplement the baby 6 months ago without special circumstances, just breast-feeding. 3Kiss the baby with your mouth. There are a lot of bacteria in the human mouth. If you kiss your baby with your mouth, the bacteria or viruses will be transmitted to your baby's mouth or skin.So no matter who you are, don't kiss the newborn with your mouth to avoid inducing disease. 4Break the hands of the newborn with your hands. After a baby is born, the fingers usually curl naturally.At this time, the baby's little hand can't open on its own temporarily.Please don't break your baby's hands. 5. shave the newborn's hair. Many Baoma mistakenly believe that after shaving, the baby's hair will grow more vigorous.In fact, the newborn skin is delicate, and the granular layer, transparent layer and cuticle are very thin, and the development is not perfect. In addition, the subcutaneous blood vessels are rich. If the baby is shaved at this time, it will lead to infection. 6Always hold the newborn Many parents like to hold their baby and shake it.But this kind of action actually can bring harm.First, it will hurt the baby's spine.Because the baby's spine development is not complete, often holding, will let the baby's spine show a curved state.If the holding time is too long, the spine is prone to scoliosis.Second, it is easy to damage the baby's brain by shaking the baby often.After birth, the newborn is still in the stage of adapting to the outside world.At this time, if the baby does not grasp the degree of holding and shaking well, the baby's underdeveloped brain tissue may be impacted.Third, if it becomes a habit to shake your baby often, then your baby may adapt to this habit in the future. Once the shaking stops, they may cry. 7. soft bed for newborns The newborn's spine is not well developed.If you give your baby a soft cushion, it is not conducive to the formation of spinal curvature.It is recommended to let the baby sleep in a plank bed, with a 3 or 4 cm thick mattress on the bed.

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