will be teals it s r e v e ho es it. W er mak h c a te A good . Lar ge (*) class Parents' meeting la st semester d punishe Catalog 教师团队介绍 A 班级总体现状分析 B 本学期工作安排 C D 幼儿在园一日生活 大班幼儿年龄特点 E F 家长讨论 家长配合事项 G Introduction to teachers' team Head teacher: good teach Matching teacher: good ch Nurse teacher: good teach er ildren's study er Wechat: 13553464303 Wechat: 13553464303 Wechat: 13553464303 Tel: 1255194133 Tel: 1255194133 Tel: 1255194133 Analysis of the overall situation of the class (please change the picture into the picture of your class's children) Composition of children in cl ass 28 children are promoted from mid dle class 5 new children transfer in 16 boys 17 girls Analysis of the overall situation of the class  habits and customs: After one year's training in the middle class, the children have been used to wash their Advantage hands carefully, wash their mouths after eating, and learn to wipe their bowels; eat with chopsticks and so on.  Behavior habits: The children in our class are very helpful, helping other children to deliver protective equipment, throw g 1 arbage, put chairs and so on; children are very willing to share and communicate with each other, an d also like reading books.  Learning ability: The children in our class have strong language expression ability. They can hear the communication between children anytime and anywhere. They are fluent in telling stories, expressing complete sentences, etc. an d can also be created. Analysis of the overall situation of the class  habits and customs: Some children are picky and anorexic, and even need teachers to help feed them. Insufficient  Behavior habits: Some children will be left behind. They don't remember to take back the crayons and crayons they keep. When they use them , they will find a teacher. There are too many language communications between children, regardless of occasion. When t 1 hey eat, draw, and write homework, there is a phenomenon of conversation and the decibel is very high, which needs to b e reduced. There are often some uncivilized words among children, especially some children.  Learning ability: There is polarization in learning. Parent discussion 你们觉得大班孩子应该学到什么? 你们觉得老师该如何做? 你们觉得家长自身该如何做? Work arrangement of this semester (Language Development)  Be able to listen to the teacher or others in the group. 目标  Be able to tell a thing in an orderly, coherent and clear way, and the languag e is coherent.  Emotional expression, will timely express their emotions.  In the corner game activities in the class, the teacher creates multiple game conditions to enrich c hildren's knowledge and experience, emotional experience, and let children exchange language fro 措施 m the game.  Complete oral diary to improve children's expression ability.Every month, children are required to s ubmit oral diaries to let children tell their parents what they have seen and heard, and parents rec ord and sort out children's language logic. Work arrangement of this semester (cognitive development)  We can recognize the common signs in our life, and record them with numbers, pictures an 目标 d chart symbols.  Through observation, comparison and analysis, we can find and describe the characteristic s of different kinds of objects or the changes of something before and after.  In the theme activity, children are asked to observe the building signs or road signs on the way to school, and design the road map from home to school. 措施  Open convenience stores in the corner game, guide children to learn to record with nu mbers, symbols and charts by filling in shopping lists during the game.  Children can understand the main characteristics of common means of transportation, daily necessities and natural phenomena through various games such as going out, w alking and scientific activities. Work arrangement of this semester (life skills development) 目标  Learn to classify, and be able to pack and classify by yourself.  I can wear my own clothes and recognize the front and back of them.  Do your own things, and put the textbook in the schoolbag and tableware in the dinner plate.  Remind children to increase or decrease clothes, be a thoughtful person, pay attention to the change of 措施 weather, and increase or decrease clothes at any time.  Through demonstration, competition and competition, children's self-care ability can be trained.   Work arrangement of this semester (body movemen

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