Autumn is the season of harvest when everything is ripe and fruits are numerous.But the temperature changes from hot to cold, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large.At this time, the Yang Qi gradually recedes, the Yin Qi gradually grows, and the physiological activities of the human body also adapt to the changes of the natural environment. The body Yang Qi then recedes. Therefore, the autumn health care must pay attention to the maintenance of the internal Yin Qi, which is called "nourishing Yin in autumn and winter" in traditional Chinese medicine, so as to adapt to the law of the gradual growth of the Yin Qi in nature, so as to lay a foundation for the growth of the Yang Qi in the next year, and should not consume essence to hurt the Yin Qi.Therefore, the following aspects should be noted in the autumn health care knowledge guide. 1, go to bed early and get up early In autumn, the natural Yin gas changes from sulfur release to convergence and closed reservoir.Fall climate turns cool, want to go to bed early, in order to comply with the collection of Yin Jing, and should get up early, in order to comply with the relaxation of Yang Qi.In addition, getting up early and doing some morning exercises properly can not only breathe some fresh air, promote metabolism, but also benefit the exercise of body function activities, and contribute to the health of the body. 2. appropriate "autumn freezing" From summer to autumn, the autumn wind blows the face. Although it is not cold yet, people can tolerate it. It is advisable to exercise a little to gradually strengthen their physique and adapt to the climate change."Autumn freezing" means that "autumn is not busy adding clothes", consciously let the body "freeze" to avoid the body heat and sweat, sweat evaporation, yin and Tianjin injury, Yang leakage.In autumn, we should comply with the health care needs of Yin essence and Yang Qi.But "autumn freezing" should be decided according to the weather change, and should be based on the standard that you don't feel too cold.People should pay attention to keeping warm in late autumn. If the temperature drops suddenly, we must add more clothes. 3, keep quiet and nourish the spirit In autumn, grass withers and leaves fall, flowers and trees wither, autumn wind and rain make people feel depressed and desolate easily, and arouse the mood of Youyu.Especially the elderly are prone to depression and sentimentality.At this time, listening to music, reading a good book, chatting with a good friend, or taking a walk outdoors are the best ways to relieve the depression.According to the theory of "correspondence between man and nature", traditional Chinese medicine holds that people must keep their mental peace in autumn. Only in this way can we slow down the influence of eliminating Qi on human body, and we should pay attention to the constant convergence of Qi, so as to achieve a state of peace of mind. 4. exercise properly The golden autumn season is a good time for exercise.But the physiological activities of human body are also in the stage of "collection" with the change of natural environment, that is, Yin, essence and yang are all in the state of convergence and internal nourishment, so sports regimen should also conform to this principle, that is, do not do sports with too much amount, so as to prevent sweat loss and Yang injury.Sports should be selected according to the physiological characteristics of human body, such as mountaineering, jogging, walking, doing morning exercises, qigong, etc.As the weather gradually turns cold, the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately. Before the arrival of severe winter, the physical fitness will be significantly improved, greatly enhancing the ability of cold resistance and frost resistance. 5Skin care and health care With the cold weather in autumn, people's skin can't adapt to the change immediately, the blood circulation becomes slow, the skin is dry, and it is easy to have fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes.Therefore, we should pay more attention to skin care in autumn.In addition to drinking more water and eating some foods rich in vitamin E, such as walnuts, sesame, honey, milk, etc., we should also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood, because the balance between hormone secretion and autonomic nerve can be directly reflected in the skin due to the change of mood.So the change

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