2012upp er Content and meaning of the course plan: The curriculum plan is a guiding document on teaching and education work formulated by the national education department according to the educational purpose and educational tasks of different types of schools. Curriculum planning is the overall planning of curriculum, which makes a comprehensive arrangement for school teaching, production and labor, extra-curricular activities, etc. Persuasion Education: in Moral Purposeful and targeted. Knowledgeable and interesting, the content is authentic. Sincere and enthusiastic attitude. He is good at catching the time of reasoning and plucking the chord of students to enhance the effect of education. Types of learning strategies: The first is cognitive strategy.Cognitive strategies are some methods and technologies for processing information, that is, strategies for information processing.It includes retelling strategy, fine processing strategy and organization strategy. The second is metacognitive strategy.Metacognitiv e strategy is the cognitive strategy for students to control their own cognitive process, that is, the strategy to control the Eriksson's theory of personality development stages: Infancy (0-1.5 years): basic sense of trust to basic sense of distrust. Early childhood (1.5-3 years old): selfdetermination to shyness and doubt. Pre school (3-6, 7 years old): Initiative on guilt. School age (6-12): sense of diligence to inferiority. Youth (12-18 years old): identity is confused with role. Early adulthood (1830): intimacy versus loneliness. Middle adulthood (3060 years old): sense information processing process, including the understanding and control of their own cognitive process, which helps students to effectively arrange and regulate their learning process.Including planning strategy, monitoring strategy and regulation strategy. The third is resource management strategyIt refers to the effective management and utilization of environment and resources to improve learning efficiency and quality.It includes time of reproduction vs. sense of stagnation. Late adulthood (after 60): a sense of perfection versus despair. management strategy, environment management strategy, effort management strategy and resource utilization strategy. 2012low er The three forms of the course content are as follows: Basic rules of teaching process:(Captain The design of curriculum content includes three levels: curriculum plan, curriculum standard and teaching material. The law of the unity of direct experience and indirect experience. Master the law of the unity of knowledge and development ability. The law of the unity of teachers' leading role and students' main position. The law of the unity of imparting knowledge missionary) Measures to stimulate and maintain learning motivation: (need to be determined, self attribution) Understand and meet the needs of students, promote the generation of learning motivation. We should pay attention to the education of determination and train the students' achievement Ways to build teachers' Prestige: Cultivate their own good moral character. Develop good cognitive ability and personality. Pay attention to the cultivation of good appearance, demeanor and behavior habits. Give students a good first impression. Be friends and confidants of students. and ideological education. 2013upp er The main viewpoints of the subject centered curriculum theory are as follows: It is suggested that the teaching content should be subject centered, and courses The meaning and requirement of carrying out the teaching principle of the unity of scientificity and education Meaning: the principle of the unity of motivation. Help students establish correct selfconcept and gain selfefficacy. To cultivate the students' attribution of success. Personality characteristics: Uniqueness:People do not have the same personality characteristics as people.The so-called "people are different, The structure of morality: The psychological structure of morality includes four basic psychological components: moral cognition, moral should be set up corresponding to different subjects. Through the branch teaching, students can master the basic knowledge, skills, and thinking methods of each subject teaching, thus forming the knowledge structure of students. ideology and scientificalness refers to not only imparting the basic knowledge and skills of modern advanced scienc

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