Sodium gluconate is widely used in industry. It can be used as high-efficiency chelating agent, steel surface cleaning agent, glass bottle cleaning agent, aluminum oxide coloring in electroplating industry, high-efficiency retarder, high-efficiency water reducer, etc. in construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment, water treatment and other industries. The dryer supplier Engineering Co., Changzhou Ltd. drying sells quality assurance and advanced technology:ZLG1.5x12Sodium gluconate special dryer, sodium gluconate dryer 。 With a complete and scientific quality management system, equipped with international advanced research and development, analysis, production technology.Aim at the development trend of international drying industry, grasp new innovation, apply advanced technology, process and raw materials to products, ensure the high quality of products competitiveness of and core enhance the technology.We hope our innovation and invention will create more economic benefits for your enterprise.New type structure, production high of equipment level, no worries about purchasing the equipment with high adhere to strength, the the company principle of will "quality first"YiThe principle of "mutual benefit", with excellent product quality, reasonable price system and perfect after-sales service, we can build a friendship bridge between each other through good faith, go hand in hand and develop together. 1, 361, 612, 298! First,ZLG-1.5x12Working principle of sodium gluconate dryer: Vibrated fluidized bed is to apply mechanical vibration to the fluidized bed. When the vibrated fluidized bed works, the exciting force provided by the vibrating motor or other means makes the material leap forward on the air distribution board, and at the same time, it contacts with the hot air sent under the distribution board for heat and mass transfer.The lower box provides a stable air chamber with certain pressure for the bed layer.Adjust the induced draft fan to maintain the micro negative pressure on the upper part of the bed material in the upper box, maintain a good drying environment and prevent dust leakage. During the operation, the material is uniformly and continuously added to the vibrated bed through the feeder. At the same time, the air is heated to a certain temperature after being filtered and enters the dryer air chamber from the air inlet.When the material falls on the distributing plate, under the double action of vibration force and hot air flow through the air distributing plate, it is in suspension state and contacts with hot air flow uniformly.After adjusting the feeding quantity, vibration parameters, air pressure and wind speed, the bed of material will form a uniform fluidization state. Two.ZLG-1.5x12Sodium gluconate special dryer, sodium gluconate dryerCharacteristic: (1) due to the application of vibration force, the minimum fluidizing gas velocity can be reduced and the air demand can be significantly reduced; (2) it is convenient to change the retention time of materials in the machine by adjusting the vibration parameters, so as to obtain even and qualified dry products. (3) vibration helps to disperse materials and avoid agglomeration and channeling; Because there is no severe back mixing, the material with little damage to particles is the most suitable one, which requires no damage to crystal shape or the surface brightness of particles. Three.ZLG-1.5x12Sodium dryer, sodium and gluconate gluconate requirements special dryerParameters provided by the customer: 1. product: sodium gluconate 2. output: 20t / h/ 3Water content of raw material: 5% (surface water) 4. moisture content of product after drying: 1% 5. specific gravity: 1.5 6. heating mode: steam 7. air inlet temperature: 100-120 ℃, adjustable; air outlet temperature: 60-65 ℃. 8. product collection method: main machine discharge + cyclone collection, water spray scrubber dedusting 9Equipment material requirements: material contact SUS304 stainless steel 10. installation: Indoor 11. power supply: 380V 50Hz IV. configuration of single equipment Serial numb er Name Specification Number and model Texture of material Remarks 1 Fluid bed upper box 1 Zlg12 × 1.5 (dry area 18m2) The upper box body is provided with observation hole, dehumidificati on port and feeding port. 2 Lower chamber of fluidized bed 3 Screen 4 5 6 Vibrating motor cyc

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