Children need fathers to grow up 1Husband and wife shall take maternity leave together and force men to share the responsibility of childcare. 2. paternity leave and maternity leave shall be combined and taken by husband and wife, of which male maternity leave is recommended to be more than 42 days.Full pay during holidays. 3Both men and women can apply for an extension of the leave to 365 days on the basis of statutory maternity leave. How can such a good proposal not be supported? The support voice is extremely strong!Seriously agree! See a segment on the network: When I was a child, my father was very busy with his work and had little time to meet.So I often make troubles outside, so that he can take time out of his busy schedule to beat me. Funny and sad... Treasure dads, no matter how many things there are, they should also spare time to accompany their children; no matter how busy their work is, the following seven things must also be given to their children. Seven things a daughter needs from her father In the process of growing up, girls will meet all kinds of men. Some people may become lifelong friends. Some people may just be passers-by, but there is a man who will never disappear in her world. This man is her father. She needs dad's attention A father should show a strong interest in his daughter's life. This interest does not refer to the occasional dialogue between father and daughter. The dads reading the article, what vegetables does the daughter like, which toy does the daughter like, how old does the daughter herself...Do you know all this? start to walk by Dad should take an active part in his daughter's hobbies, and let her feel that dad is really concerned about my life, and he wants to participate. She needs a healthy family relationship My daughter has witnessed everything at home since she was born. The first relationship she has experienced is the relationship between her father and mother. If the father is physically or mentally abusing the mother, then in her eyes, the relationship with her husband after marriage is the same. If the father and mother love each other and are harmonious, the daughter will naturally follow the way of father and mother after marriage. She needs dad's support Although not everything can be agreed between father and daughter, father still needs to prove his support for her. When the father expresses his wholehearted support for his daughter, the daughter will feel the most confident and establish a positive self-image. However, it's not that every father should obey his daughter's opinions, but let her realize that although her father doesn't agree with her choice, he still believes in her ability and is always willing to be her strong backing. She needs dad to keep a secret When the daughter and the father talk about privacy, the father should keep the daughter's privacy confidential and respect, and the content of the conversation should not be used by relatives and friends after dinner. She needs dad's unconditional love Dad should make her realize that no matter how bad she is, dad will always be with her - not ridicule, not belittle, only contain and love her. At the same time, the father's love will not be affected by emotion, that is to say, not today's father is happy, his tolerance for his daughter's naughtiness will be high, and tomorrow's father is not happy, he will not tolerate his daughter's little mistakes. She needs a strong leader In most families, dad is the head of the family and the leader of the family, but not in a arrogant and autocratic way, but in the position of protecting and caring for the family. She needs dad as an example Many girls lack of role models in their lives, and the father is the first male that their daughter contacts. The father is the benchmark of their daughter's future partner. The more decent the father's image is, the better the partner their daughter will find in the future. Therefore, it is necessary for Dad to reflect on his bad habits to be abandoned. When his daughter finds out that dad is willing to make changes for others, she behavior. will also be responsible for her Seven things a son needs from his father In the process of a boy's growth, there will be many people who have a profound impact on his growth. Among them, dad is

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