Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Program 2019 Monitoring Monitoring Monitoring items Frequency department Requirements Surveillance of nosocomial along with Hospital acquired cases Time Missing Report infections departments burst Multiendurance monitoring Perioperative monitoring Clinical of mont hly Pathogenic examination rate mont hly Detection rate of multitoleranc e at any time Implementati on rate of prevention and control measures Relevant surgical cases were selected monthly Clinical Departments and Microbiology Departments Operative departments drug use Surveillance of surgical Prospective monitoring of all surgical cases Operative departments incision infection Monitoring of Monthly All clinical and medical departments of the hospital cleaning, monitoring disinfection and isolation Environmental Quarterly monitoring of disinfectants in use Hospital hygiene Monthly monitoring of sterilizers Departments Quarterly monitoring of surface and hand microorganisms monitoring Quarterly Monitoring in Departments Hand hygiene monitoring Air Key Monthly monitoring, quarterly statistical compliance and hand sales Clinical and Medical Technology Departments Monthly feedback, quarterly statistics Pathogenic microorganism Clinical departments monitoring Monitoring of Monitor at any time, quarterly statistics ICU annually Departments of three catheters Survey of prevalence inpatient rate Monitoring disinfectant concentration department of in Spot check at any time every month All departments using disinfectants use Monitoring of disinfectant Access to all Pharmaceutical disinfectants and equipment Instrumentatio n Departments Management and Monitoring of Every month at Medical waste any time generation Medical sector Waste Medical Fabric Sampling at any Monitoring time of the month Medical Fabric Storage Room

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