Pupils'comments at the end of primary school 1Huang Jingjing: The school respects teachers and keeps discipline. You are always meticulous in your homework and correct in writing. The voice of speaking in class is much louder.However, teachers often find that you are easily distracted in class, not good at thinking, and dare not ask questions boldly.Teachers hope you can correct your shortcomings, develop your strengths and become excellent students.Heart of Progress 2, Zhao Xiong: You are clever and eager to learn.Whether it's reading, writing and answering questions, you're making progress.Hardworking, you often help your classmates on duty.Usually you save money and donate your spare money to the people in Wenchuan, Sichuan.You are such a good boy! In this summer vacation, the teacher wants you to read some extracurricular books and practice your sentences smoothly.(Four-star teenager) 3. Wu Sen: You are smart and lovely, and there are fewer fights between teachers and classmates.But your laziness, carelessness and love of playing video games will seriously hinder your progress, or even retreat.Teachers hope you can get rid of them at once and become a good student who likes learning as soon as possible.Weng Chiming: You are lively and lovely, optimistic and confident, respecting teachers and uniting students.This semester class is more attentive, homework can be completed consciously, the sentence in the diary is much smoother.Teachers are really happy for you! Teachers hope you are on duty and doing exercises as seriously as possible, striving to be an excellent student! 4. Wei Shanshan: You study hard and hard.Usually you respect your teacher and love your classmates. It's your turn to do it seriously on duty.Occasionally, when your homework is not finished and checked by the team leader, you cry.Obviously, you do your best in your study! Keep working hard! Teachers hope you can use the time to practice your words, read some extra-curricular books, and strive to write sentences smoothly.5. Zhu Juhao: You respect your teacher and love your classmates. When you pick up 100 yuan, you also give it to the teachers of the school, and you are praised by the teachers.Your spirit of collecting money is worth learning.If you are serious about your study, you must be excellent at correcting mistakes. 6. Hu Junpu: You are very cute after class; you are seldom involved in class.When you first come here, you will have a stomachache as soon as you read.Not now? If you play less with those little neighbors, concentrate on your study, read more extracurricular books, and write sentences smoothly, the teacher believes that your composition foundation will be better next year (next semester).7. Exercise square: Willing to use your mind will make you smarter, more helpful and more willing to be on duty.Teachers are most satisfied that you are not late, do not play electronic games or play less video games in the later part of the semester.If you can really take back your heart and put it into study, you must be the best! 8. Zhuangwei: You are quiet, simple and not good at words.But you know how to care about others, be considerate, take the initiative to return things, and do it well on duty.Teachers and classmates like you.If you are more serious in your study, less careless and don't know how to ask bold questions, the teacher believes you must be great.9. Chen Hao: You are a smart person in the hearts of teachers and children.Every child likes you as a serious member of the study committee. You always check your homework so carefully and timely.Every time the teacher gives you a task, you always finish it conscientiously.Good helper, thank you! Teachers hope you can practice writing words and diaries during the summer vacation.All right? 10. Chen Jie: Kids call you "monitor" cordially. You can see how high you are in everyone's heart. You deserve to be the "leading goose" in the class. You have excellent grades and excellent performance. The teacher likes you.But there is no end to learning. You can't be proud. May your talent be further enhanced.11. Ying Tianxi: You are smart, kind and eloquent.Respect teachers and unite students.As long as you are willing to study hard, concentrate on class, think carefully, do not slack in your homework, correct mistakes in time, do not know how to ask questions, the teacher believes that you will make progress, act quickly! 12, Zhang Xiaohang: smar

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