Model Work Plan This article is provided by the author. Thank you for your appreciation!!! 1. Implementing post responsibilities and conscientiously carrying out their work. As a salesman in the transportation industry, his duties and responsibilities are as follows: 1Firmly confident, do everything possible to achieve the industry sales target; 2Efforts should be made to fulfill the reasonable requirements of customers in the sales process, win the trust of customers and provide reliable solutions. 3Understand and strictly implement the sales process and procedures; 4Actively and extensively collect market information and timely collate and report for team analysis and decision-making; 5Pay close attention to the latest trends of the industry and the development trend of product technology at any time, strive for the initiative and opportunity in the market, and firmly grasp the product advantages in the industry market; 6To train the methods of marketing work and the ability of market research, and to become a smart and dynamic market operator 7Have a high dedication to work and a high sense of ownership and responsibility; 8Strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, complete the work assigned by the leadership, and avoid backlog and procrastination. Job responsibility is not only the requirement of employees, but also the standard to measure the quality of employees'work. It has been nearly half a month since I arrived at the post. During this period, I participated in the sales training organized by Hangzhou Headquarters under the company's arrangement. Now I have a complete understanding of the company's products, though not in-depth, and I have thoroughly communicated with you about the advantages and disadvantages of the products.To actively cooperate with sales, I plan to study hard.Learn more in management and study more in sales.While doing a good job in sales, I plan to improve my theoretical knowledge by earnestly learning business knowledge, management skills and sales practice, and strive to constantly improve my overall quality, so as to lay a human resource foundation for the redevelopment of enterprises. 2. Specific quantification tasks of sales work. 1Make monthly and weekly plans and daily workload.Make at least 20 phone calls a day and visit at least 20 customers a week to help potential customers change from quantity to quality.Major telephone calls in the morning and customer appointments can be arranged in the afternoon.Considering the large population and traffic congestion in Beijing, customers should be selected at the same or near location when making an appointment. 2.Before meeting customers, we should know more about the main business and potential needs of customers. First, we should know the personal preferences of decision makers, prepare some topics of interest to each other, and provide targeted solutions for customers. 3Collect more project information from bidding network or other channels for integrator's bidding reference, and make suggestions for integrator to cooperate with integrator's technical and commercial project operation. 4Make a good daily work record to forget important matters and pay attention to unhandled matters. 5.Fill in the project tracking form and follow up according to the progress of the project: preliminary design, bidding, deepening design, stock implementation, acceptance and so on, and complete all stages of work. 6Pre-design projects focus on follow-up, visit customers at least once a week, cooperate with integrators when necessary to do the work of the owners, and follow-up projects at other stages at least once a week.Integrator bidding date and important project progress date should be kept in mind, and timely follow-up and return visit. 7In the early stage of design, we actively strive to participate in project design and solve the design work of our specialty for integrators. 8.During the bidding process, the relevant authorization and business documents should be sorted out two days in advance and sent to the integrator by express delivery to prevent any omissions and errors. 9.We will strive to sign the supply contract with the integrator as soon as possible, collect the advance payment, arrange the stock in advance, respond to the integrator's demand with the fastest supply time, and strive for early repayment. 3. Correct treatment of customer consultation and timely and proper solution. S

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