Model Paper on Class Business Planning for the First Term of Small Class This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Class Business Plan for the First Semester of Small Class: Analysis of Basic Situation There are 31 children in our class this semester.Among them, 18 were boys and 13 were girls, all of whom were freshmen.This semester, children are between 2 and 8 years old. Some of them have read kindergartens and have However, some knowledge because children preparation. come from different kindergartens, there is a big gap in daily life and learning routines. In addition, children's abilities differ greatly in various aspects, which also brings some difficulties to conventional teaching.Therefore, this semester, on the basis of full observation and understanding of children, according to the "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education in Guangdong Province" to follow the laws of physical and mental development in the early childhood stage of small comprehensively classes, carry out we will integrated curriculum open education to enable children to learn actively and independently, help children gradually adapt to collective life, and initially cultivate children's basic living ability and behavioral learning habits so as to make them young.Children grow up healthily and happily. II. Guiding Ideas In this semester's work, we should earnestly implement the "Rules of Kindergarten Work". Guided by "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education" and "Guidelines for Kindergarten Courses in Guangdong Province", we should set up the idea of serving children and parents in our work, and create a healthy, happy and challenging living space for children.In the management of children's life, help children develop good hygienic habits, master superficial health and hygienic knowledge, and have basic self-protection ability.In terms of teaching management, music teaching is featured, language and art teaching are emphasized.Combine pre-arranged activities with generative formulate activities appropriate organically, activity plans, rationally arrange one-day activities, provide abundant materials, objectively scientifically record children's and learning and evaluate situation, and promote children's comprehensive and harmonious development.Through various forms of contact with parents, improve the quality of home work.To clarify the responsibilities of class personnel, unite and cooperate to form a healthy and upward style of work. III. MAIN WORKING TASKS AND MEASURES (1) Optimizing the class environment to create a relaxed learning atmosphere for young children. concrete measure    1To organize the teachers in this class to learn the Guiding Principles for Kindergartens and the Guiding Principles for Kindergartens Education in Guangdong Province, so as to create a friendly and harmonious collective, quiet, clean and beautiful environment for children, and create a good environment for children's self-selected activities, group activities, collective activities, games and learning.   2The materials of activity room, main wall and activity area should be replaced and enriched in time, and closely cooperated with thematic activities to provide finished or semi-finished materials, encourage children to start and operate more, and develop children's operation coordination ability.Create a ability work and column outdoors to show children's own works and ensure that every child has the opportunity to show and appreciate works.     3The setting of activity area covers all aspects of children's physical and mental development needs. According to the actual situation of this class, children's interest in games can be multi-functional, open in turn, establish reasonable rules of activity area, closely cooperate with teaching needs, regularly add and replace materials in activity area, and provide more semi-finished and non-finished materials.   4Make full use of our modern audio-visual teaching equipment children's to teach, interest improve in computer of community operation is very simple skills.     5More rational use resources. (2) Reaso

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