Model Paper of Summary Report on College Students'Social Practice collect In order to enable the Youth League members to actively participate in social practice activities, give full play to their own advantages and contribute to the construction of their hometown, and have a peaceful, civilized, substantial and meaningful winter vacation, according to the spirit of relevant documents of the League Central committee, the League provincial committee, the school Party committee and the League committee, under the overall deployment of the general Party branch and the League branch of the college, the College of Economics actively carries out social practice activities of winter vacation.It is summarized as follows: I. Theme of the event This year's social practice activities carried out by the College of Economics in winter vacation focus on "strengthening the sense of social responsibility and implementing the scientific outlook on development".Two teams of student cadres and activists joining the Party were organized and nearly XXX people were sent to all parts of the province for social practice activities during winter vacation.Fully implement the important thought of **** and conscientiously implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the CPC. In accordance with the document spirit of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Political Education of College Students, focusing on the training objectives of our students, highlighting the education of national conditions and sense of social responsibility, and mobilizing the majority of young students to actively participate in social practice.Strengthen social practice experience, actively guide young students to learn, propagate and practice the important idea of **** in rich and vivid social practice, improve their own quality in practice, implement the scientific concept of development, and further enhance young students'sense of responsibility, mission and urgency in building the motherland and revitalizing China. This year's social practice activities of college students in winter vacation still adhere to the principle of "education, talent and contribution", give full play to the intellectual and talent advantages of young students, carry out social investigation activities at all levels of society, strengthen the understanding of national and provincial conditions, disseminate new trends of science and technology and civilization, and make positive contributions to rural economic and social development. II. Guiding Ideas of Activities In-depth study, propaganda and implementation of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Tenth and Sixteenth Central Committees of the Communist Party of China, guided by the important thought of ****, with the theme of `helping the poor with true feelings into thousands of families', give full play to the advantages of knowledge and skills of College students, give priority to decentralization, and further deepen the activities of `three rural areas'and `four communities' in accordance with the principles of proximity, locality and convenience, so as to do for the masses ofActual, good and difficult work should be done so as to convey the concern of the Party and the government to the masses. III. Key Contents and Forms of Activities On the basis of summing up previous work experience, the social practice activities of this year's winter vacation of the College of Economics have brought into full play the discipline and professional advantages of the College of Economics, and adopted a combination of point-to-point, centralized team formation and decentralized activities nearby.The main forms of activities are social investigation and voluntary service. Young students are organized to take part in the activities as soon as possible by all grades (ministries) around the following main contents. (1) Community cultural services and community needs research activities.Next semester, the School of Economics is about to launch a voluntary community action plan for college students.In order to ensure the effective development of this work and establish a longterm mechanism, colleges should take advantage of the opportunity for students to return home and carry out community cultural services and community needs survey activities in their communities, focusing on graspi

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