Model Paper of Personal Career Planning Model Paper of Personal Career Planning In today's increasingly fierce employment pressure, a good career planning undoubtedly increases a sense of self-confidence. But now, as college students, we should learn more knowledge to enrich ourselves in the days that we spend time day by day. The future is in our hands, while we are still young, we should set a direction for our future and move forward in this direction. II. Self-analysis 1) Interests and hobbies: Reading, listening to music, playing chess, Photoshop, web design, cooking 2) Personality description: Relying on rational thinking to make decisions, always take objective and logical steps. Be cautious and traditional, attach importance to stability and rationality; be born independent, need to devote a lot of energy to work, and hope that others are also so good at listening and like to arrange things clearly and orderly. I like to collect all kinds of information first, and then consider the practical solutions synthetically according to the information, instead of using theory to solve them.Very sensitive to details, with practical judgment, can use accurate evidence and past experience to support their views when making decisions, and is very systematic and methodical. A conscientious and rigorous person, diligent and responsible, recognizing things rarely change or discourage, doing things thoughtfully, keeping promises and trustworthy. It is critical to look at problems, usually skeptical, requiring frequent transposition, wider collection of information, and rational assessment of the possible consequences of one's actions. 3) Advantages in Work 1. Do things accurately, I hope I can do a good job the first time. Willing to follow established routine arrangements and traditional principles and policies, it is the defender and supporter of organizational loyalty. 3. Focus on a project or task with great concentration each time. 4. Especially able to concentrate on meticulous work, you can work independently without the cooperation of others. 5. Sensitive Organizational Ability Careful and attentive treatment of specific issues, facts and details 7. Believe in the merits of the traditional model, and be able to follow the traditional model 8. A strong sense of responsibility; others can trust you to fulfill your promise. 9. Reasonable and realistic 10. Have a stable and peaceful mind 4. Deficiencies in Work 1. Unwilling to try, accept new and untested ideas and ideas Being uncomfortable with change may be rigid and rigid; rejecting innovation 3. Lack of patience with tasks that take a long time to complete 4. Sometimes long-term needs are overlooked because of short-term goals. 5. Stiffness; difficulty or unwillingness to adapt to new circumstances when necessary It's hard to see the whole problem and the longterm impact of behavior. 7. Unwillingness to make the necessary changes and to support risky behaviour 8. Only when we see the results of practical application can we accept the new viewpoint. 9. Can't understand the requirements that are different from their own. 10. Underestimate yourself and your contribution to the organization 1 1. Insufficient fighting spirit, easy to relax, usually unwilling to pay too much effort 1 Lack of challenge spirit and poor tolerance to failure and setbacks 5) Corresponding measures In view of my shortcomings and shortcomings, I should take certain measures to remedy my shortcomings: 1. Avoiding stereotypes requires trying new things; being open and daring to explore new possibilities Consideration should be more comprehensive and considerate. Human factors should be taken into account, not just their own interests and feelings. 3. Be patient and modest with people who disagree with me 4. When appropriate, take the initiative to take on some work 5. Look at failure correctly and don't give up when you encounter difficulties Strengthen the flexibility of doing things and learn to see and accept new things flexibly Analysis of Career Tendency Suitable job nature: Work environment is stable, do not need too many risks and changes, it is best to solve things according to experience and rules. With more independent working hours, you can concentrate on completing the whole project or task. More use of facts, details and practical experience of technical work, can give full play to their fine, accurate and logical ability The object of work is a specifi

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