Model of General Logistics Work Plan for Kindergartens This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! I. Review of the basic situation:     1Provide logistical support for the front line of teaching. In order to meet the opening of the school smoothly, our general affairs department carried out comprehensive maintenance of the leaking water in the teaching building, the administrative building and its roof during the summer, staircase staircase repair and wall painting, and weed removal in the whole garden.     2Work diligently and thriftily, and invest in a planned way. In order to open source and save money, we have planned to add items.In the last semester, 382 baby beds were added, 1 large thermal cycle disinfection cabinet, 10 stainless steel barrels, 10 basins, 12 boiling kettles and 300 baby stools and chairs were replaced.   3Safety work. In terms of safety management, all departments and classes are responsible for people. Every week and every month, they check and inspect safety facilities and equipment, and make good records to find out problems and solve them in time. Especially during the period of high incidence of HFMD and H1n1 influenza in March-July, there is no case in our garden. II. Guiding Ideas In the logistic work of this semester, we should earnestly implement the relevant requirements of the garden work plan, further establish the idea of service, continue to strengthen strengthen the resources and the construction management garden of of staff, garden products, and strengthen the safety work.In the process of continuous improvement and standardization, logistics service and quality as well as logistics management level will be improved.     1Strengthen the construction of the staff and strive to explore ways of standardization. Establishment of personal work files, detailed records of employees'work experience, physical examination, work assessment and so on. Continue to adhere to the daily inspection system, timely detection of problems, analysis of the crux, and exchange views with relevant personnel to give full play to the effectiveness of inspection. Continue to implement the staff work assessment system, reward the good and punish the enthusiasm bad, further and initiative stimulate of the logistics personnel, improve the quality of work.     2Strengthen the management of garden assets and make efforts to bring limited assets into full play. We should conscientiously use all kinds of funds rationally according to the situation of the fund budget plan, and constantly improve and optimize the conditions for running the garden. Strengthen financial management, strictly implement the financial management system, do a good job in auditing funds, standardize fees, and implement the children's account publicity system. We should adhere to the principle of thrift and diligence in running a garden and actively advocate saving water, electricity, gas and materials to reduce waste. Protect and rationally use the facilities and equipment in the park, conscientiously do all kinds of overhaul work, try to complete smallscale maintenance by oneself, and try to save maintenance expenditure as much as possible. We will continue to explore the scientific nature of material management, further improve the management system of fixed assets, regularly inspect the assets of classes and rooms, urge them to strengthen their custody and reduce damage and loss.At the end of the term, the assets should be cleaned up and checked carefully.     health 3Strengthen and safety management and adhere to standardization of operation. We will continue to do a good job in environmental hygiene, insist on contracting out hygiene and cleaning work, and clarify responsibility areas and responsible persons.Strengthen inspection and guidance to ensure that the environment in kindergartens is clean and orderly. We will further strengthen the inspection and guidance of canteen personnel in food, food processing, tableware cleaning and disinfection processes, effectively implement the Food Hygiene Law and standardize operation. We should further strengthen the awareness

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