Labor contract Party A: Beijing Huacheng Century Technology Co., Ltd. Residence: Unit 103-79, Building 10, Courtyard 1, Gaolizhang Road, Haidian District, Beijing Legal Representative: Wang Lina Party B: ID number: In accordance People's with Republic of the Labor China Contract and relevant Law of labor the laws, regulations and policies, and in accordance with the relevant systems of Party A and the characteristics of Party B's posts, and in accordance with the principles of voluntariness, equality and consensus, both parties agree to conclude the following provisions in order to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, and expect them to maintain a good long-term employment relationship. I. Term and duration of the contract Article 1 Both parties choose the following ___________________ (1) Fixed period: from ____________________________ (2) No fixed period: from ________________________ (3) To complete certain tasks for a period of time.From ____________ date to ______________ The probation period is from _____________________________ II. Contents and Places of Work Article 2 According to the needs of Party A's work, Party B agrees to engage in ________________After consultation and agreement between Party A and Party B, the post (type of work) can be changed. Article 3 Party B shall complete the prescribed quantity of work on time and meet the prescribed quality standards in accordance with Party A's requirements. Article 4 Party B agrees to work at the place of work arranged by Party A.According to the work needs of Party A and with the agreement of both parties, the place of work may be changed. 3. Working hours and rest and vacation Article 5 Party B shall implement the ___________________ (1) If the standard working hour system is implemented, Party A shall arrange Party B to work no more than eight hours a day and no more than forty hours a week. Article 6 If Party A prolongs Party B's working hours, Party B shall arrange the same time to make up for the rest or pay overtime wages according to law. Article 7 Party B shall enjoy all the rights of rest and vacation stipulated by the State during the contract period. Party A shall guarantee Party B to take at least one day off a week. IV. Labour Remuneration Article 8 During the probation period, Party B's salary is _______________After the expiration of the probation period, Party A shall pay Party B's wages in the following ways: 1Hourly wages.The salary is _______________ 2Piecework wage.Party A shall formulate scientific and reasonable labor quota standards, and both parties shall negotiate and agree on piece-by-piece unit price in time. 3Other forms and Party A shall pay Party B's wages monthly in legal currency with the payment date of _____ days per month.Party B's monthly wage shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard promulgated by the provincial government.Overtime wages shall be enforced in accordance with laws and regulations. V. Social Insurance Article 9 Both Party A and Party B shall participate in social insurance according to law and pay social insurance premiums. Party A may deduct and withhold part of social insurance premiums from Party B's wages. Article 10 When Party A and Party B terminate or terminate the labor contract, Party A shall handle the relevant formalities for Party B, such as the transfer of employee files and social insurance, issue a certificate of termination or termination of the labor contract, and Party B shall handle the formalities of handover in time. 6. Labor Protection, Labor Conditions and Protection against Occupational Hazards Article 11 Party A shall provide Party B with labor protection facilities and working conditions in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and local governments to ensure Party B's safety and health in work. Article 12 Party A shall train Party B in labor safety knowledge, rules and regulations, business operation rules and skills in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State; Party B shall participate in the above training and strictly abide by the labor safety regulations and operation rules related to its posts. VII. Labor Discipline and Removal of Labor Contract Article 13 Party B shall strictly abide by Party A's rules and regulations, labor discipline and safety technical operation rules. Article 14 If Party B has one of the following circumst

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