1Main Material Entry Plan and Guarantee Measures 1) Material preparation (1) Because there are many brands of materials in this project and some materials need to be processed outside, the Supply Department dispatches people to the market in advance to select materials, to investigate and find out the materials, and then unified report to the construction unit and supervision engineer for sample selection and confirmation.Then the main materials are prepared in advance. (2) The project department prepares the "material plan". The supply department purchases the materials ahead of schedule, signs economic and technological contracts with the manufacturer for processing and ordering, and inspects the supplier in advance in accordance with the strict requirements of quality standards and delivery time.The main materials should be purchased from the company's "qualified suppliers".All materials of the project must have qualified certificate, permit, re-examination report and other information. Strict entrance inspection must be carried out when entering the site, and all of them must meet the quality requirements.Unqualified materials are not allowed to enter the arena. (3) Material shall contact Party A in time after entering the field, fill in the corresponding inspection form, and attach material samples to report to Party A or the supervisory company designated by Party A.The material can be used in a large area only after it has been checked and accepted by Party A or the supervision company designated by Party A. (4) Handling of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products When purchasing goods, the purchaser must check the quality and the number; when consigning goods, he must deliver the quality and the number to the carrier (unit); so that the handover is well-founded and the procedures are clear. (2) When handling and consigning materials, the purchaser shall reasonably optimize the means of transport according to their performance, batch size and material quality, and in combination with the time required, and coordinate with all parties to guide handling, loading and unloading, and take protective measures. (5) Custody and storage The custodian should store the raw materials, semi-finished products in the designated suitable storage environment. (2) Depositors will arrange suitable sites for storage of qualified materials and materials. (3) Materials and materials of different types and specifications should be stored in zones, and dangerous materials such as paints and joinery boards should be stored in special warehouses. (4) Material custodians should regularly check the status of material storage. If loss, damp, deformation and deterioration occur, they should report and deal with them in time. 2) Material Control (1) For the main materials of the project, the quality inspectors should first carry out spot checks, and only when the quality requirements are met, can they be put into storage for use. If the use requirements cannot be met, the quality inspectors have the right to request replacement.When entering the factory, it is necessary to check whether there is a formal factory certificate, material testing report and necessary relevant certificates. (2) Insulating materials should be tested for withstanding voltage and qualified for sale. (3) Major materials should be required to provide samples to manufacturers before ordering. Construction units and supervisors should look at samples and order together. 3) Material supply measures (1) Put forward the feeding plan in time and accurately, and have advanced consciousness; the plan is timely and accurate, which is related to the smooth progress of the project; it can also give full play to the financial benefits.Therefore, our company will attach great importance to this work, in the printing and transmission of information seriously. (2) Be cautious in terms of time and quantity, and never cause confusion in the supply of materials because of our work.In order to implement this work, the post responsibility system should be established for managers at all levels, and professional material personnel with high professional quality and strong sense of responsibility should be appointed to do this work. (3) Setting up special warehouses, equipped with full-time custodians, establishing full-time custodians and complete procedures to ensure that the materials supplied are not lost and wasted. (4) The organization and supply of material

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