Manuscripts for Staff Games You listen to the cheering and refueling cry. It's inspiring. The melody on the field is as fast as a whirlwind, as loud as a horn, and as torrential as a torrent. Innovation! Breakthrough! Transcendence! Always the most exciting melody on the field. To the sports meeting, the spring and colorful flags are flying, and the athletes are brave and heroic. Shout and shout, be proud both on and off the court. Practice good health today and aim to make contributions to Laigang. With the development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness, profile steel will be better tomorrow. Applause rings, passion is needed here, cry is needed here, and applause is also needed here. When you win, we applaud you and congratulate you. When you fail, we applaud you and are proud of you. When the applause rings again, you are already on the starting line, friend, rush forward! We are applauding for you. The golden color of the sunrise brightens the runway, and the melody of youth becomes the song. The passionate heart is the melody of the song. The passionate youth's fervent heart is the eternal sincerity of the heart. Your figure is the scenery on the runway. The vigorous pace shows your self-confidence. Listen, we are all cheering for you, refueling, unable to express our excitement. Fly! Victory is smiling at you. Long-distance runners show their human strength at that moment, struggle at that moment into the starting point of life, at that moment everything turned into nothing, only to know that victory is not far away. Raise your head often in front of you, and the finish line is dimly visible.Countless days and nights of hard work will be realized today. Sprinkle a hard sweat, continue to raise tired footsteps, burst a roar through the rainbow, continue to move forward, whether successful or not, you have.Ever remember, cheering at the end, shocked all around. A bamboo pole for a high jumper determines your destiny. It's joy or sorrow, all in a flash. Your vigorous body, like a meteor, crosses the quiet dawn. Soft mattress, into all your happiness. All the wonderful things are at the moment when you jump, I will always remember them. Arc - To make a beautiful arc across the eyes of the shot putter, I can not help but imagine. This wonderful arc ah, condensation of how much hard sweat. No matter the arc, wearing how much eager hope, it is so natural, and so perfect, there is no regret, leaving only a beautiful experience. I want to leave you forever, let my heart print an arc. Applause for fighting on the runway, leaving you a brilliant figure. At the moment of shooting, like meteors, like lightning, like horses galloping, like dragons flying, like tigers out of holes, do not care about rank, do not care about high grades. Efforts to fight, tenacious struggle, even backward, but also tenacious, never retreat! The voice of the loser is quiet, I stand aside, avoid all applause and vision, away from the brilliance and glory of the winner. If life is a competition, I will participate and taste it. So, let me also raise my head, shake off the depression in my heart, I will still compete with you in the next sports meeting! What is the power of the fusion of heaven and earth, what is the power to let you fly on a hundred meters, let you use the power to ignite hope in the playground of green grass, heaven and earth give you the power, let you carefree to spread your dreams and hope. On a sunny day, there are athletes fighting bravely in the stadium, and cheerleaders waving flags and cheering in the auditorium. This cry is filled with the fragrance of friendship; this figure is the strength of responsibility. But whether we succeed or fail, whether we laugh or cry, we will always remember this day full of struggle. Long-distance runners hone their extraordinary perseverance, compete with their extraordinary physical strength and strive for exceptional endurance, thus turning the long runway into a long journey. Listen, the roaring wind is cheering for you; Look, the hunting flag is cheering for you! Come on, for that brilliant moment! Be proud of you and cheer for you - to the 100m athlete stadium with your pace, which is the expression of hard sweat, you are like the clouds on the horizon, with brilliant colors of the clouds. The galloping horse, the galloping pace lets your victory wait ahead.A total of 3123 Blessing for you and cheering for you! To the 3000-meter athletes, this is the

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