Longxian Experimental Primary School Work plan of moral education in autumn semester 2017 Moral education is an important part of promoting quality education in an all-round way, and it is also an important task for every educator.This semester, our school will earnestly implement the opinions on Strengthening Moral Education in primary and secondary schools, vigorously promote patriotic education, cultivate students'good behavior habits, strengthen the formation of norms of conduct and class collective construction, create a healthy and upward atmosphere for educating people, strive to create a good moral education environment in schools, strengthen the construction of moral education team, and constantly improve the level of moral education.Effectiveness of moral education. I. Guiding Ideas: This year, guided by the scientific outlook on development, our school will continue to carry out the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors". The work of moral education will focus on promoting national spirit education, paying close attention to students'health-building education, taking cultivation education as the main line, taking various forms as the means, guaranteeing full participation and adhering to the people-oriented principle.Close to students'life, highlight humanistic care, develop students' personality, cultivate students'interests and expertise, enrich students' campus life, build a harmonious campus, and strive to improve the level of moral education in schools. II. Key tasks: (1) Renewing the concept of education and improving the ideological understanding of moral education We should firmly establish the concept of all-round, allround and whole-process moral education, further renew the concept of education, make it clear that everyone is a moral educator, "educating people first and moral education first", and make every teacher firmly establish the educational quality of "all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty" and "moral education is quality, students'ideological and moral character is quality, and education without moral education is failure".View, firmly establish the educational values of "laying the foundation for students'lifelong development and happiness".In accordance with the principle of "close to reality, close to life, close to minors" and the requirement of people-oriented, we should create humanistic moral education, life moral education and ecological moral education, enrich the content of moral education and expand the ways of moral education. This semester will strengthen political learning and improve each teacher's moral quality.Teachers should be organized to study the Education Law, Teachers'Law, Professional Ethics of Primary and Secondary School Teachers, Protection Law for Minors and Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency Law, so as to enhance their consciousness of abiding by the law and teaching in accordance with the law, and improve the level of teachers' scientific education.We should firmly establish the idea of "educating people by teaching, serving and managing".Strengthen professional ethics selfdiscipline, standardize teaching behavior, enhance the awareness of love for business, care for the healthy development of students'conduct, understand and master the laws of education, adhere to the combination of patience education and strict management, so that teachers have noble professional ethics and good teacher's demeanor, care for students in an allround way, put an end to corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment, take up the weapons of praise and praise, and build equality and equality.Democratic and harmonious teacher-student relationship. (2) Strengthen the management and guidance of the moral education team. 1Establish an innovative mechanism for the training of head teachers.This semester will further strengthen the management and training of the work of head teachers, focusing on building a group of good character, strong ability, down-to-earth work, willing to contribute to the team of head teachers.We should further improve and perfect the management and evaluation of the work of head teachers, organize the training and learning of head teachers in a "come in, go out" way, go out and learn from the masses, an

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