Guide for Supervisors – Research Thesis Exam System The link to the University Research Degree Guidelines and dates of the Standing Committee of Academic Council are available College Nominees College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies – [email protected] Burren College of Arts - [email protected] College of Business, Public Policy and Law – [email protected] College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences – [email protected] College of Science – [email protected] Examination Office: Please go to 1) Log in to a. Your User ID is your staff ID number e.g. 0123456s and your password is the password you log into your PC with. 2) To add a new student, click on link ‘Add a new student’ (only registered students can be selected) Please type in either your student's: Surname (please note that there could be several records with the same surname, so it would be prudent to have the student ID to confirm selection of correct student - if you do add an incorrect student record, please contact the College nominee who has access to remove this record.) or student University email address 3) Once you have selected your student to add, you will be brought into the screen below where you must select PhD or MD option. 4) You are then brought into Section ‘Supervised Student Details ‘ a. It is mandatory to complete all of this section i.e. Summary of Thesis, Graduation Ceremony Text, Funder Information, Library Keywords. b. Viva date needs to be input once confirmed. c. If there are co-supervisors, these details need to be input. If the co-supervisor(s) is external to the university, please email Graduate Studies [email protected] so that an account can be created for this person. Details required for account set-up will be staff title, first name, surname, email address, name of institution and contact number – once the account is created for this, you search by co-supervisor email address and select accordingly. d. Please tick on line if the supervisor will be present at the viva as this will then appear on the signatures sheet. e. Then select Save Student Details button. 5) Section ‘Approval of Examiners’ – You must then click on this link and complete. a. You must select the College in the drop down menu for approving examiners. b. Complete ‘Timeframe’ section Please note: Full-time candidates are allowed four years in which to complete the degree from the date of acceptance. Any candidate who wishes to submit after more than four years must seek College approval for an extension of this time. Part-time candidates are allowed six years in which to complete the degree from the date of acceptance. Any part-time candidate who wishes to submit after more than six years must seek College approval for an extension of this time. c. Input details for the Chair, External Examiner(s)-(short CV required), Internal Examiner, GRC member, Head of School. d. You can either select ‘Save Draft’ if you do not have all the required information. e. Or if you wish to proceed with the ‘Approval of Examiners’ process please tick the box – ‘Send Examiner Records for Approval‘. This will activate the approval process as per the University regulations. f. The supervisor can make changes to the Phd Examiner details, but any changes will trigger the approval process to start again, irrespective of who has approved the examiners in the meantime. The Approval of Examiners Guide This guide describes the sequence that all examiners most go through in order to be approved.        None » No examiners have been submitted for approval yet, you should submit examiners for approval. Pending GRC Approval » Examiners have been submitted and are now awaiting the approval of the appointed GRC member. Pending HOS Approval » The GRC has approved the examiners. The Head of School must now approve the examiners. Pending College Approval » The Head of School has approved the examiners. College must now approve the examiners. Pending College Dean Approval » As a viva by video conference has been requested (only applicable to PhD and MD candidates) - the examiners and the request must be approved by the Dean. Pending Dean of GS A

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