page 58 5D The name of the game 1 VOCABULARY and SPEAKING (sport, prepositions of movement) a) Look at photos. Can 1 the you name the sports? Write them in the correct column. play / go / do b) Listen and check. c) In pairs, say... Which of the sports in a are usually team sports? How many players are there? 2 In which sports do you...? a) hit the ball, b) throw the ball, c) kick the ball, d) shoot d) Ask and answer with a partner. Do you do any sports? Which one(s)? 3 Which sports do you enjoy watching? Which sports do you hate watching? Are you (or anyone in your family) a fan of a sports team? Which one? Do you (or they) watch their matches? Where? 4 e) Where did the ball go? Complete with a preposition. across, along, down, into, over pět obrázků (míč letí nad stěnou, pak se kutálí po ulici, po schodech dolů, po silnici a nakonec padá do řeky) 5 The ball went over the wall, ..... the street, ..... the steps, ..... the road, and ..... the river. f) p. 148 Vocabulary Bank Prepositions. Do part 2. 6 2 GRAMMAR (expressing movement) The rules of the game 1. You play this sport outside with one, two, or more players. You have to hit the ball into 7 small hole. You mustn’t hit the ball into the water. 2. You can play this sport outside or inside with two or four players. You have to hit the ball over a net and the ball mustn’t go ‘out’. 8 3. You usually do this sport outside (but it can be inside). You have to go round a track many times and be the first one to go past the finish line. Sometimes you have to go round a country, for example, France. 9 4. You play this sport outside with two teams. You have to pass the ball to other players with your foot and try to kick the ball into the goal. You mustn’t touch the ball with your hands. 5. You play this sport outside with 10 two teams. You have to throw the ball to other players and take the ball over the other team’s line. You can also get points by kicking the ball through two very high posts. a) Match the rules to the sports in 1. 11 What are the sports? b) Listen and check. c) Look at the sports rules again and the highlighted words. How do you express movement in English? 12 d) p. 134 Grammar Bank 5D. Read the rules and do the exercises. 13 page 59 3 PRONUNCIATION (prepositions) a) Match the prepositions with the phonetics. How do you pronounce the words? 14 across, along, into, over, round, through, towards 1. [‘intu:] ..... 2. [ə’loŋ] ..... 3. [raund] ..... 4. [tə’wə:dz] ..... 5. [ə’kros] ..... 6. [θru:] ..... 7. [‘əuvə] ..... 15 b) Listen and check. Underline the stressed syllable, and practise saying the prepositions. c) Communication Cross country p. 117. Tell your partner where the runner went. 16 4 READING SPEAKING and a) How long does a normal football match last? How many minutes are added after each half? 17 b) Read the article and complete it with a word from below. champions, fans, goal, match, pitch, players, referee, scored, stadium, team 18 c) Read the text again. Number the sentences 1-6. A Manchester United scored their first goal. B The Bayern Munich fans started celebrating. C The 90 minutes finished and the 19 referee added three minutes. D Bayern Munich scored a goal. E Manchester United scored their second goal. 1 F The UEFA president left his seat to go to present the cup. 20

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