Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society History Collections PERSONALITIES FILES - PHOTO Miscellaneous Personalities Ahearn, Mrs. William (with daughter May) Allen/Bridge Family Allen, Marion & Lemuel Anderson, Mrs. C. (Tiburon Postmistress) Bailey, Sally Ballard, Frank M. & Elizabeth / Ballard’s Bus Barr, Bill (Barr’s Garage) Bastian, Beverly Bastian, Robert Bean, Mabel C. Beck, Audrey Jones Becker, Kadah Belcher Family Belvedere Personalities Benet, Carol Benson, Elmer Family Bent-Palmer, Florence Bernard-Silva, Mary Bertrand, Pat Beyries, William Bichard, Nicolas & Family Bostick, Beverly Boynton, Barbara Bradley, Thomas & Family (Separate Drawer) Brabo, Tony & Mary (Also see DVD of Angel Island Demolition Bradley, Thomas & family (Separate Drawer) Brooks Family (Non-photo papers also) Bridge, Arthur Burke, Sammie (See Tiburon Hilarita Housing/Main St.) Burkson, Alma Ferguson Buscher, Fred & Frank (Boxes on A1) Caddell, Dottie Castor, Walter (also Fred Ehrke, Bruno Henning, and John McFarlane) Cattani, Hugo & Marie (also box on A1) Chamberlin, Frank & Miriam (Murphy Coll.) Chapman, Sam (also Katie, and Rosebud) Clancy, Jack, Sr., Jack Clancy, Jr., and Ann (Cheri Koehler Collection) Clancy Family (also McNeill) Clancy, McNeill and McDonogh—Family History (Mary Lowe Collection) Cole, Anna Jean & Mervyn Comino Family (Olive Comino Zappacosta) 1 Updated 7/2022 Connell, Anthony & family Coombes, Ray and Knittel, Lou – Mobil Station Creighton Family (Also see Ed Creighton Coll. – A1) Crowley, Thomas Cuthbertson, Mr. & Mrs. William De Souza (See Bernard) De Tomasi Dewey, Christina (also Howells) Donahue, Peter & James M. Durrie, Charles Eherke, F. W. (see Castor) Ellman, George & Phyllis (Ellman Collection – A1) Ericson, John (“Jack”) Estabrook, Mrs. Henry Farley, Erwin & Artell (also see LMS Files) Felton, Roger (also see LMS Files) Finnie, Richard & Alyce; Richard & Anne Findlay, Erin Forrestal, Fr. James J. Freer, Burr (2 Pommander Walk, Belvedere) Friedman, Shirley Frisbee, Arnie School Photos Frustuck, H. Grbac family (Separate Drawer) Gilbert, Claire (Photo Collection) Gile, Selden (Also see Artist File) Glazer, Frieda Green, Claire & Jim Green, Claire Estate Haggett, George Hahn, Dr. Richard Hanify, John (Also see Tiburon Maps) Hall, Elizabeth & Wallace Halloran, Ed (Belvedere 1920s-50s) Hannaks, Scott Hayden, Sterling Heger, William Hernan, John & Alexandra (nee Pedley) Hilton Family Holcombe Family Holmes, Mrs. Charles Edward Howell, John Thomas Huntington Family Hymans, Lou (Photo Album) 1959 Belvedere Lagoon Boats #563 1956 Regatta Days #564 2 Updated 7/2022 1954 Regatta Days #565 Jennings, Mary Kashow Family (Also see Teather Collection) Kane, Preston Keefe Family Keil, Mr.& Mrs. Russell D. Kelley Family Kenneally, Tom Kircher, Agnes (separate drawer) Knittel, Lou (see Coombes) Kretchmer, Clarence & Grace – Organ House (Moved to Belvedere – Arch.) Lagan, Fr. H. Landmarks Personalities (See LMS File Drawer) Lange, Richard Lemon, David (Also see O’Day/Lemon Coll. – B1) Levison, Louis Livermore, Caroline Livsey, Sophia London, Jack Locati, Ernest Lovegrove, Elsie Zeile Lyford, Benjamin & Lyford, Hilarita Reed Lyons, Anne Mailliard, Kate & Family Mantegani Family Masterson Family (+ Robert Lamoree) May, George & Nellie and Family McCombie, Alexander & Louise (nee Heebner) McKegney, George & Betty McLean, D. A. (Also Mary, and Sandy; also McLean/Melson/Anderson, Shelf A1) McMullen, Noreen McDonogh, Milt & family (see Clancy) McNeil (see Clancy) Mersereau, Luella & Laurence – (and Tuckey Family) (also see McLean) Mettier family (On computer only) Miriata, Angelo Miscellaneous Personalities Molten, Philip Mooring, Sandy Musso, John - Also see J. Musso Collection (Photo Collection Drawer) Nash, Albertine O’Day, Jerry (Also see O’Day/Lemon Coll. – B1) Oldag, August & Alice Olsen, Manny & Boat Yard along Bike Path Oyster, Justine 3 Updated 7/2022 Page, Arthur Page Family Pariani, Harry Paske, Elva Payne Family Peckham, Marguerite/Reed, Jeanne (also Jeanne Reed Coll. – A1) Pew, John (Photo Album Box) Piazzoni Family Polacchi Family and Ark Pugh, Joseph, Helen, Evan & Barbara Randolph, Roland B. (“Captain”), Sr. Reed Edgar (see Tiburon) Reed, Jeanne (see Peckham) Reed, John Family (see Reed file drawers) Reed, John J. & Carlotta (see Reed file drawers) Rey, Britton Rey, Helen Lavery Rice Family Samuelson, John P. Santa/Scafidi (2120 Mar East) Sawyer Family (224 Golden Gate Ave.) Scott, Dr. Florence Silva, Mary Ber

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