NICHOLAS A. VALENTINO University of Michigan (o) (734) 764-3351 (734) 647-4302 (h) (734) 474-0477 (email) [email protected] Updated: June, 2022 PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS: University of Michigan Professor of Political Science (2011-), Director of Graduate Studies, Political Science (2013-2015). Research Professor, Center for Political Studies (2011-). Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Political Science (2003-2007, 20092011). Research Associate Professor, Center for Political Studies (2003-2011). Adjunct Assistant Professor of Political Science (1999-2003). Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies (1997-2003). Assistant Professor of Communication Studies (1997-2003). University of Texas at Austin Mike Hogg Professor of Community Affairs, Department of Government (2007-2009). Adjunct Professor of Communication Studies (2007-2009). Faculty Associate, Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation (2007-2009). EDUCATION: University of California-Los Angeles, Ph.D. in political science, 1998. Dissertation: “Who Are We on Election Day? Mass Media and the Salience of Group Identities During Political Campaigns.” Expertise: Political communication, electoral behavior, media effects, public opinion, methods. Brown University, A.B. 1990. Concentration: Political Science. SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS Books Alex Mintz, Nicholas A. Valentino and Carly Wayne. 2021. Behavioral Political Science. New York: Cambridge University Press.  Sirin, Cigdem V., Nicholas A. Valentino, Jose D. Villalobos. 2021. Seeing Us in Them: Social Divisions and the Politics of Group Empathy. New York: Cambridge University Press. Awards: APSA Best Book (formerly the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award) 2022 David Sears Best Book in Political Psychology, ISPP, 2022 Robert Lane Award, Political Psychology Section, APSA, 2022 Best Book in Experimental Political Science, APSA, 2022 Nicholas A. Valentino and Marzia Oceno. Affective Group Mobilization in the Era of Trump. New York: Cambridge University Press. Manuscript in progress. Under contract Peer Reviewed Articles Zhirkov, Kirill, and Nicholas A. Valentino. 2022. The Origins and Consequences of Racialized Schemas about U.S. Parties. Forthcoming at Journal of Race and Ethnic Politics. Oceno, Marzia, Nicholas A. Valentino and Carly Wayne. 2021. “The Electoral Costs and Benefits of Feminism in Contemporary American Politics.” Online first at Political Behavior. Valentino, Nicholas A., Fabian G. Neuner, Julia Kamin, and Michael Bailey. 2021. “Testing Snowden’s Hypothesis: Does Mere Awareness Drive Opposition to Government Surveillance?” Public Opinion Quarterly 84(4), 958-985. Valentino, Nicholas A., Kirill Zhirkov, Sunshine Hillygus and Brian Guay. 2020. “The Consequences of Personality Biases in Online Panels for Measuring Public Opinion.” Public Opinion Quarterly 84(2), 446-468. Vasilopoulos, P., Marcus, G.E., N. Valentino, and M. Foucault. 2019. "Anger and Authoritarianism Mediate the Effects of Fear on Support for the Far Right- A Rejoinder." Political Psychology 40, 713-717 Vasilopoulos, Pavlos, George E. Marcus, Nicholas A. Valentino and Martial Foucault. 2019. "Fear, Anger and Voting for the Far right: Evidence from the November 13, 2015 Paris Terror Attacks." Political Psychology 40, 679-704. Marcus, George, Nicholas A. Valentino, Pavlos Vasilopoulos and Martial Foucault. 2019. Applying the Theory of Affective Intelligence to Support for Authoritarian Policies and Parties. Advances in Political Psychology 40, 109-139. Valentino, Nicholas A., Stuart Soroka, Shanto Iyengar, Toril Aalberg, Ray Duch, Marta Fraile, Kyu Hahn, Kasper M. Hansen, Allison Harell, Marc Helbling, Simon Jackman and Tetsuro Kobayashi. 2019. Economic and Cultural Drivers of Immigrant Support Worldwide. British Journal of Political Science 49, 1201-1226. Konitzer, Tobias B., Iyengar, Shanto, Nicholas A. Valentino, Stuart Soroka and Ray Duch. 2019. Ethnocentrism versus Group Specific Stereotyping in Immigration Opinion: Cross-National Evidence on the Distinctiveness of Muslim Immigrants. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 45, 1051-1074. Valentino, Nicholas A., Carly Wayne and Marzia Oceno. 2018. Mobilizing Sexism: The Interaction of Emotion and Gender Attitudes in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Public Opinion Quarterly, 82, 213-235. Valentino, Nicholas A., Fabian Neuner and L. Matthew Vandenbroek. 2018. The Changing Norms of Racial Political Rhetoric and the End of Racial Priming. Journal o

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