If the person completing this form is representing a small business (i.e. a business having less than 20 employees), please provide an estimate of the time taken to complete this form. Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. General Permit Application for: · Threatened species and ecological communities (section 201) Please include: · Migratory species (section 216) – the time taken spent reading the instructions, working on the questions and obtaining the information; and · Whales and dolphins (section 238) – the time spent by all employees in collecting and providing this information. · Listed marine species (section 258) Hours Minutes Purpose of this form This form is for an activity which will affect any species or ecological community listed under the EPBC Act in the above categories where that activity is within a Commonwealth Area, and for whale/dolphins where the activity is within the waters of the Australian Whale Sanctuary, or internationally. Complete this form in addition to either Supplementary Form A, B or C described in question 1 on the next page. Please return it, along with the relevant Supplementary Form to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. Note that it is a requirement of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 that details of this application (which may include the applicant's name) and any supplementary forms (A, B or C) be provided to persons or bodies registered with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment under section 266A of the Act, for the purposes inviting submissions from those persons or bodies regarding permit applications. Do not use this form for permits in: · The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. These permits are available at: www.gbrmpa.gov.au/corp_site/permits/ · A Commonwealth park or reserve (e.g. Kakadu National Park). These permits are available at: www.environment.gov.au/topics/national-parks/parks-australia/permits-licences-and-leases Additional information Please ensure that you have read the following information sheet: Permits required for activities affecting EPBC Act listed species in Commonwealth Areas including the Australian Whale Sanctuary This information sheet is available at http://www.environment.gov.au/epbc/permits/index.html. Further information is also available by contacting the Department by email: [email protected] Incomplete information Applications that are incomplete or contain insufficient information cannot be assessed. Delays will occur whilst further information is sought from the applicant. If you need more space If there is insufficient space on this form to fully address any of the questions please attach additional pages and list these attachments at question 10. Page 1 of 4 2017 1 Which of the following best describes the purpose of this application? Research on whales/dolphins . You will also need to complete Whale and Dolphin watching . You will also need to complete Import/export of whale/dolphin parts or products Is the proposed permit holder an individual? No Yes 1 Supplementary Form A for Whales and Dolphins (cetaceans). Now go to 2 Residential address: Telephone No.: Supplementary Form B for Whale and Dolphin Watching. Now go to 2 Fax No.: Email address: . You will also need to complete Supplementary Form C Listed species / ecological community, listed migratory species or listed marine species. Now go to 2 2 Postal address: Trade Section on 02) 6274 1111. Telephone No.: . Go to next question Yes . Give details below Facilities Projects Pty Ltd Email address: 3 Name: Residential address: Postal address: Jindalee Place, Riverwood, NSW, 2210 Postal address: 2/2 Fax No.: End date: 30/03/2023 No Name: Residential address: . Please contact the Wildlife Is the proposed permit holder a group? Street address: 2/2 Name: Postal address: The permit holder can be a group such as a business, company, or corporation? Group Name: Australian . Go to next question . Give details below of each individual to whom the permit would be issued. If insufficient space, attach a separate list. Period of permit requested Permits are usually not issued for more than 5 years. Start date: 03/10/2022 3 Supplementary Form A for Whales and Dolphins (cetaceans). Now go to 2 To conduct an activity that will have an incidental impact on whales/dolphins E.g. whales and dolphins are not the purpose of th

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