1 FINISHED FILE PLENIPOTENTIARY CONFERENCE 2022 BUCHAREST, ROMANIA ROOM CUZA COMMITTEE 5 27 SEPTEMBER 2022 14:30 EEST Services provided by: Caption First, Inc. P.O. Box 3066 Monument, CO 80132 +001-719-941-9557 www.captionfirst.com *** This text, document, or file is based on live transcription. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART), captioning, and/or live transcription are provided in order to facilitate communication accessibility and may not be a totally verbatim record of the proceedings. This text, document, or file is not to be distributed or used in any way that may violate copyright law. *** (Interpretation checks) >> MINA JUN: Good afternoon. I hope everyone had a good breaks. Thanks for the Government of UK. I'm Mina Jun, the Republic of Korea. The Chair of This Committee 5. Welcome, everyone, to the first session of the Committee 5. So I really want to convey my thanks to the members, ITU member states for coming and my Vice Chairs and I. Let me introduce my Vice Chairs. It will be in alphabetical order by last name. Mr. David Bedard from Canada. And Mr. Mustafa Bessi from Morocco and Mr. Johann Gross from Germany and Mr. William Lee from Malaysia and Ms. Khayala Pashazade from Azerbaijan. I would like to congratulate all Vice Chairs for their commitments and appreciate them for their hard work in the coming days. And then cooperation. Thank you. I would like to appreciate my government for Chairing me to this committee. At this point I would like to introduce the Secretary for the Committee 5 led by Nikolaos Volanis. We have a good team supporting us. We have an agenda in front of you. ADM 8, Rev. 1. I would like to draw attention to this document. If you scroll to the end for everyone to see. We have 16 items. Actually this is quite ambitious. So I hope we can finish by today. I will do my 2 best. We can go through all that today. So unless there are any questions or comments on this agenda, we will approve the agenda and start the meeting. US, you have the floor. >> UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Thank you, Chair. I believe on the website there is a Rev. 1 included. Thank you. >> MINA JUN: Yes. Thank you. You are correct. We have a Rev. 1. So Secretary, please present the ADM 8, Rev. 1. We will give time to present the right document. Thank you. I'm sure you will have a chance to look at the document. So if you have any questions or comments on this agenda item, rather than the document number, we can proceed. So I see no one is asking through the floor. So agenda approved. Let's move to the next agenda Item 3, Terms of Reference for this Working Group Committee 5. It's 88. I draw your attention to this document. This was approved by the Plenary. And every work of the Committee 5 will be guided by the document of DT 3 Rev. 2. As you all understand it may be necessary to set up the groups. I will try my best to keep the groups. Once we set the groups, we will try to guide them to have however much time they can have and report back to us. Every groups, if you go by the representative of the country, we will not present documents on the committee label. But we will ask them to present the groups. That will save us time to discuss more details in the committee label. They can go through the discussion. And we will be deciding at the committee level in advance and then we will want everyone to know before the (Audio fading in and out) with this explanation, I would like to approve this document unless you are asking any questions or comments? I see none. So we note this document and is approved. Let's move to the next item, the document allocation for this Committee 5. This is the DT/3 (Rev. 2) we adopted this at the Plenary level. But if there is any mistake to this Committee 5, the document -- if you find any comments on this, otherwise, I will note this document and proceed. Samoa you have the floor. >> SAMOA: Thank you Madam Chair. Let me congratulate you on your appointment for the Chair of Committee 5. Madam Chair, I did have a couple questions before we approve the agenda. I just wanted to check with you that we're not presenting any input documents during the course of this meeting? Would I be correct in that assumption? Thank you, Madam Chair. >> MINA JUN: Thank you for that question. We discussed that in the meetings in Plenary. We will not be discussing the documents. We create the groups. But if we have a contribution submitted by country, we will open the floor. And then we will see

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