Serial number: Labor contract Party A (Employer): Party B (Worker): Dazhou Shudun Seal Co., Ltd. Residence: ID card number: 122 Laifeng Road, Tongchuan District, Dazhou City Family address: Legal representative: telephone number: Li Ming's (Full-time employment is applicable) In accordance with the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant provisions of the State, both parties, through equal consultation and consensus, voluntarily sign this contract and jointly abide by the terms of this contract. Article 1 Types and Terms of Labor Contract (1)Party A and Party B choose the following forms to determine the duration of this contract: 1 1Fixed period: from the date of the year to the date of the year. 2No fixed period: from the date of year and month to the appearance of statutory termination conditions. 3To complete a certain task for a period of time: from the date of the year to the completion of the task will be terminated.The sign of accomplishing the task is. (two)Probationary period The two parties agree to determine the term of use in the following manner (probation period is included in the contract period). 2 1No probation period. 2The probation period is from the date of the year to the date of the year. Article 2 Contents and Places of Work (1)Party B agrees to accept Party A's arrangement according to Party A's work needs. Position (type of work) work, place of work: ____________. At the same time, Party A and Party B can adjust Party B's work content through consultation and agreement due to work needs. (2) Party B shall fulfil its work tasks on time, in good quality and quantity, in accordance with Party A's requirements, meet the prescribed quality standards, and accept Party A's performance appraisal. (3) If Party B fails to pass Party A's performance appraisal, it shall be deemed that Party B is not competent for its own post (type of work). Party A shall have the right to adjust Party B's position (type of work) or to retrain Party B. (4) Party A has the right to promote or demote Party B's position and adjust Party B's position in accordance with the rules and regulations of the unit. (5) Party B agrees that the regular duty station arranged by Party A shall be.Due to the need of work, Party B may adjust the place of work other than the above-mentioned place with the agreement of both parties through consultation. The place of business established by Party A and its holding regional company Article 3 Working hours, rest and vacation (1) Both Party A and Party B agree to determine Party B's working hours in the following ways. Party A may change Party B's working hours by applying to relevant departments according to law for work needs. 1 1Implementing standard working hours; 2(3) Implementing the system of comprehensive calculation of working hours; 3Implementing an indefinite working hour system. (2) Party A may extend Party B's working hours according to law because of its work needs. (3) Party B shall enjoy the statutory holidays prescribed by the State according to law. Article 4 Labor protection, working conditions and protection against occupational hazards (1) Party A shall provide workplaces and necessary protective articles in accordance with the relevant labor protection regulations of the state, provinces and municipalities to effectively protect Party B's safety and health in production. (2) If Party B engages in occupational hazards, Party A shall organize occupational health examinations before and after taking up the post in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, and Party B shall be regularly inspected during the contract period. (3) Party A shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, do a good job in the special work of labor protection for female workers and minor workers. (4) Party B shall have the right to refuse Party A's illegal command and order risky operations; Party B shall have the right to request correction or report to the relevant departments for acts endangering Party A's life safety and identity. Article 5 Remuneration for Labour (1) Party A shall formulate a wage distribution system according to law and inform Party B.The wages paid by Party A to Party B shall not be lower than the minimum wage of the year announced by the municipal go

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