Labor Contract Letter First party: Party B: Serial number: Date of signing: Year, month and day Location of signing: Residence: Legal representatives: Party B (Employees): Communication Address (Must Be Detailed): Zip code: ID card No. The above address is the mail service address of Party A. If the address changes, please notify Party A in writing within two working days after the change. Otherwise, Party A will be deemed to have served Party B by sending notice to Party B at the above address. Preface According to the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant national and local laws and laws In accordance with the rules, Party A and Party B hereby sign this labor contract (hereinafter referred to as "this contract") in accordance with the principle of equality, voluntariness and consensus. A r t i c l e 1 Te r m o f C o n t r a c t 1.1 The contract period agreed by both parties is as follows: Labor relations between Party A and Party B began on February 20, 2017 and ended on February 19, 2020 for a period of three years. 1.2 The validity of this contract shall be terminated upon expiration, except where both parties agree to renew the labor contract.Before the expiration of the validity of this contract, Party A agrees and signs a written agreement. The term of this contract may be extended. Article 2 Probation Period 2.1 The probation period agreed by both parties is the following item 2: 2.1.1 Party B has no probation period. 2.1.2 The probation period under this contract is 3 months, from February 20, 2017 to May 19, 2017. The probation period includes Within the contract period. 2.2 Explanation on termination of labor contract during probation period If Party B proves that it does not meet the requirements of employment during the probation period, Party A shall explain the reasons to Party B and serve the written "Removal of Labor Contract Circular" Know books.If Party B intends to terminate the labor contract for some reasons, it must submit a written application one month in advance and handle the formalities of transfer of work. Deal with the formalities of resignation. Page 1/Co-Page2 7 3.1 Party B's position is, working department, working place: ____________. 3.2 Party B shall fulfil its duties and requirements in accordance with the rules and regulations formulated by Party A, and complete the required work on time, in accordance with the quality and in accordance with the quantity; and Performance indicators. 3.3 In the course of business operation, Party A may, according to the needs of work and Party B's professional and technical abilities, and Party B's performance and gains. Party B agrees and approves that Party B should adjust its position and place of work in terms of evaluation, performance and health. Article 4 Remuneration for Work 4.1 Party B's wages shall be executed in accordance with the wage distribution system, methods and standards formulated by Party A, and shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard of the place where Party B works.Party B It is hereby confirmed that Party B knew and understood Party A's salary system at the time of signing this contract without any objection. 4.2 Party B's base salary is RMB yuan per month before tax.The salary of probation period is RMB yuan/month before tax. 4.3 Party A shall have the right to follow Party A's practice in accordance with the company's operating conditions, performance, and Party B's post skills, working attitude and performance. Party B agrees and approves that the salary system should adjust Party B's salary standard accordingly. 4.4 If Party A adjusts its position due to Party B's incompetence, Party A shall have the right to determine Party B's wage standard according to Party B's new position and implement post selection. Fixed salary. Article 5 Working hours 5.1 The working hours agreed by both parties are standard working hours, with the average total working hours per week not exceeding 44 hours.The working hours are: From 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (12:00-13:00 noon is lunchtime). 5.2 During the contract period, Party A has the right to make appropriate working hours for Party B in accordance with its own business needs under the circumstances of conformity with laws and regulations. Adjustment. Article 6 Archives Management Party B agrees to arrange

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