Kindergarten Middle Class Sports Program Guidance:This kindergarten middle class sports plan is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Sports games can exercise children's physical function and improve their physical quality.Kindergarten middle class sports plan is as follows, quickly come to understand.Kindergarten middle-class sports plan 1, guiding ideology: according to the spirit of the new "outline", to create a rich game environment for children, provide rich game materials, ensure adequate game time, so that children can use their hands and brains in the game, develop children's social emotions, so that children can develop in a happy and relaxed game atmosphere.Second, specific objectives: 1. Enhance children's initiative and enthusiasm in the game.2. Strengthen the routine training of games and cultivate children's good play behavior.3. In rich game activities, children's physical quality and function are improved by walking, balancing, running, jumping, drilling, climbing and throwing.4. Be willing to try and explore new game content and play methods, have a preliminary sense of innovation.5. Develop cooperation and modesty in children's games.3. Specific measures: 1. Reasonably arrange children's oneday activities and use appropriate time to develop various types of sports games.2. Ensure that children have enough playing time, create a rich playing environment for children, and provide rich game materials.3. Give full play to teachers'leading role and children's initiative, participate in children's games in time, and give necessary guidance and help.4. Exchange games with parallel classes.5. Make full use of parents'resources to provide children with necessary life experience.4. Specific Game Activity Design: Game Theme: Walking and Balance Game Name: Happy Little Frog Game Name: Walking on the Balance Beam: Bridge- repair Game Name: Balance Training "Sheep Training Camp" Game Name: Connectivity Game Name: Step Change Game Name: Ants Line up to Walk Game Name: Bridge-crossing Game Name: Yun Bridge Game Name:Game Name: Running Game Name: Stone Man Game Name: Pony Running Game Name: Bird's nest Game Name: Cut Watermelon Game Name: Paper Suction Running Game Name: Happy Sport Pleasant Sheep Game Name: Play Shoebox Game Name: Hiding Cat Game Name: I'm faster than Ball Game Name: Magic BlanketGame Name: Cat-and-Mouse Game Theme: Tip Jump Game Name: Tip Jump Game Name: Tip Jump Game Name: Tip Jump Game Name: Rabbit Pickup Game Name: Run-up Jump Game Name: Tip Jump Game Name: Interesting Tip Jump Game Name: Diver Game Name: Learn from Brother Liu Xiang to StrideColumn Game Name: Rabbit Jump Jump

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