Kindergarten Logistics Work Plan for Autumn 2019 This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Logistics Work Plan for Kindergarten in the Autumn of XXX Year In this year's work of safety education in our kindergarten, we should firmly establish the awareness of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", "responsibility is more important than Mount Tai". We should take the safety work in kindergartens as the premise, and ensure the smooth progress of kindergartens'security education as the starting point, so as to improve the safety awareness of teachers, students and parents and carry out safety education activities extensively, and actively promote "creating safety development science".The establishment of "school" should prevent trouble before it happens.This year's safety work plan is formulated according to the actual situation of the park. I. Guiding Ideas: Guided by the Party's "eighteenth" spirit and the working ideas of the higher authorities, we adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first", take publicity of relevant laws and regulations as the main line, implement safety responsibility system at all levels, strengthen safety education and training for teachers and children, strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out in-depth special renovation of safety, and promote the steady development of education and teaching quality in our kindergarten.Always put the safety of teachers and students in the first place in all kinds of work.In order to ensure children's health and safety, and make children grow up smoothly, it is necessary for us to formulate a safety plan to enhance children's safety awareness and enhance themselves.We their should ability to create a protect strong atmosphere of "everyone pays attention to safety and everyone participates in the creation" of the school, create a harmonious, safe and stable environment, raise the safety awareness of all teachers, students and parents, and strive to create "Quanzhou Safety Development School". II. Activity objectives Developing Children's Good Personal Hygiene Habits and Traffic Safety Awareness We will continue to follow the provincial "safe campus" standard and the instructions and notices of the Ministry of Education on strengthening the safety work in kindergartens, do a good job in all aspects of safety work and eliminate major safety accidents. Strengthen the management of safety work and strive to create Development School". "Quanzhou Safety III. Specific measures Establish sound system and strengthen management mechanism     1.We should further strengthen the construction of safety system, establish and improve the management mechanism of safety work, further clarify the work responsibilities of the leading group of safety work, improve the safety work management network, formulate and modify the safety work management system purposefully, and implement the "one post, two responsibilities" safety work responsibility at all levels.    2.Every faculty member should be aware that safety work is the most important part of kindergarten education. It is the basis and guarantee to ensure the normal development of kindergarten education activities and conscientiously perform their duties.Leading group members must strengthen the supervision and inspection of safety work, organize and implement safety education activities in kindergartens, regularly inspect and maintain the safety of venues and facilities in kindergartens, supervise the dietary hygiene of children and teachers, and discover potential unsafe hazards in time to prevent them from burning.     3.Continue to do a good job with all departments and staff safety work responsibility letter signed step by step.We will further responsibility implement for the children's specific safety work, so that responsibility for safety work can be decomposed layer by layer, and people are responsible for it, so as to form a good situation of co-management and create a safe, quiet, harmonious and healthy growth environment for teachers and students in the whole kindergarten.    4.Members of the leading grou

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