2017Kindergarten Logistics Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. I. Key Work Points     _Create a good and harmonious environment for educating people. Addition of hardware equipment.It is planned to establish the office as an archives office at the beginning of this period. We should purchase archives cabinets and desk sets.The curtain room should be installed at the request of the staff.In order to make children have a better lunch environment, bedroom curtains will be updated to reduce indoor light intensity.Adding some toys to the class to enrich the science department.Purchase mobile ultraviolet lamp to improve disinfection work.Renewal of kitchen dessert utensils, replacement of class gauze towel sets, and the addition of two fly control lamps to ensure food safety and hygiene to be implemented. Create a good spiritual environment.Strengthening the construction of garden style requires all teachers and staff to care for each other, respect each other, get along with each other equally, often hear polite terms, teachers and nurses work closely together, care for and care for children, so that children can maintain a happy mood in their daily life. Creation of clean and hygienic environment.The health and public health zones of all classes are responsible for people, and the work of placing, sanitation and disinfection in each class is evaluated and publicized. Lectures and propaganda on the work of care and health care are given to parents and teachers and staff in the whole park.     _Play the role of various elements to achieve maximum efficiency and efficiency. Logistics personnel should adhere to the idea of service, establish a holistic concept of taking education as the center, put the needs of education in the first place, do a good job according to their duties, and handle the relationship between logistics and front service. Each department fully embodies the characteristics of advance, service and comprehensiveness.Make preparations for the beginning of the period, make procurement plans for all kinds of office supplies, daily necessities, food and related condiments in advance, and take practical measures to carry out all kinds of complicated and trivial work in an orderly manner according to certain procedures, so as to improve work efficiency. Build a garden diligently and thriftily, make the best use of everything, make the best use of money, do a good job of supply and demand maintenance, and conduct regular and irregular checks, find problems and deal with them in time. At the same time, pay attention to the maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities, and require the whole park staff to be diligent and thrifty and care for public property, so as to avoid waste and meaningless wastage.Do a good job of property inventory at the end of the term, build and implement the compensation system for damage to public property.     (5) Strengthen financial management and establish and improve the system of publicity of school affairs.Fees shall be collected in strict accordance with the fee standards set by the higher authorities, and the fee standards shall be published to teachers, parents and society. The monthly financial receipts and expenditures receipts and receipts shall be posted in the open column of school affairs to enhance transparency.Reasonable use of kindergarten funds, in all expenditures to achieve careful calculation, cost savings, at the same time, try to win the support of higher authorities and parents to build a better home. Strengthen the management of the contingent of nurses. To organize regular and irregular training for nurses and kitchen staff, to learn and discuss their work responsibilities, and to carry out activities such as helping each other, learning from each other and talking about their experiences in view of the actual problems in the garden. Regular organization of nurses and cooks to the county epidemic prevention station to participate in physical examination, so as to hold a certificate on duty. _Strengthen dietary     management. Scientific formulation of recipes.Widely listen to the views of teachers, children and parents, try to increase the pattern of recipes, and ensure the balance of nutrition, so as to achieve a reasonable combination of thick and thin, sweet and salty, dry and sparse. Strictly implement the national standards and requirements on food hygiene.The kitche

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