Kazong Yang Age: 22 Year in school: Senior Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Field: Public Health Birthdate: 5/22/81 Birth place: Denver, CO Home city: Fresno, CA Major: Hero/heroine: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera....Like who else...duh...like they are so beautiful and stuff (spoken in a valley girl accent) Well, seriously, I think my Hero would be my dad since he made me believe in my abilities and always thought I was so smart. He also has accomplished so much in his life as well, I think everyone needs someone like that in their life, and after my dad would definitely be David since he's been able to tolerate me through everything, which is definitely an admirable trait, even when Berkeley made me go crazy..so thanks David, you are appreciated Extracurricular activities: as of now- just working at the Berkeley Therapy Institute where I realized there is help for crazy people like me, I'm also attempting pilates (on tape), and browsing ebay for bargains like rainbow brites Hobbies/Interests: scrapbooking, collecting carebears, strawberry shortcake, rainbow brites and precious moment stuff- (cute things), by the way, has anyone seen cute doughboy dolls? Famous quote(s): When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. --Cherokee Expression Career goals: aspiring psychologist- as of today but may change by tomorrow, and another career path I may pursue is health law- being a lawyer or consultant in a health organization Dreams: Happiness is what I'm pursuing, which for me is being with people I enjoy being around like David and my old friends from high school....oh the memories... but only when I want since being around the same people all the time could be annoying, and also living closer to home so David can drive me home when I choose but it should also be far enough so that the parents can't come over. I would also like to know how to drive so I can drive to work when the economy gets better and someone hires me, so having a job is also part of my dream, but not just any job, a good job that pays me a lot and doesn't expect much from me so I can wake up late and stay home whenever I want (like college but without homework) and take trips whenever I want...yeah that would be great. Oh, and also watch Lisa (my baby sister) grow up since I left for college when she was born, and I just know that being in her life will totally, like make her life more complete (spoken in valley girl accent again), and I will also like to travel the world. Miscellaneous: Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up. --By The Reverend Jesse Jackson

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