OCTOBER 2022 Shickley Public School Eggs & Toast Pancake Corn Dog Tacos Rice Refried Beans Longhorn Bowl Waffles Sweedish Meatballs Buttered Egg Noodles Green Beans National Taco Day!! Breakfast Sandwich Popcorn Chicken Mashed Potatoes Gravy Corn Corn Dogs/Mini Corn Dogs Carrots No School Funnel Cake Power Bites Pancakes Breakfast Burrito French Toast Spaghetti Green Beans Garlic Bread Crispitos Mexican Black Beans Beef Sticks Mashed Potatoes Gravy Carrots Cooks Choice Sloppy Joes Chips Pretzel’s w/Cheese Cini-Minis Maple Sausage Sandwich Cheese Omelet Pepperoni/Sausage Pizza Carrots Chicken Fajitas Rice Refried Beans Pork Tenderloin Mashed Potato’s Gravy Green Beans Orange Chicken Rice Mixed Veggies Meatball Sub French Fries Apple Bosco Stick Breakfast Casserole Breakfast Pizza Eggs & Toast Cinnamon Rolls Chicken Noodle Soup Carrots Chili & Cinnamon Rolls Chicken Nuggets Mac & Cheese Carrots Baked Potato Bar With all the fixings! Pulled Pork Sandwich Chips Tornados National Potato Day Doughnuts Cooks Choice It may be spooky!! [Enter Additional Info]

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