Kindergarten Class Safety Work Plan Children are the future of our motherland and the hope of our nation. Their health and safety always affect the hearts of parents, teachers and many people.Children in early childhood are lively, active and curious. They want to see and touch everything.However, their abilities and physical strength are very limited, the sensitivity and coordination of movements are poor, and lack of life experience. Therefore, children often can not clearly predict the consequences of their behavior, often lead to risk factors, and can not make accurate judgments on emergencies.To provide healthy and abundant learning and living activities for young children, to meet their needs in all aspects of development, to let them know the necessary knowledge of safety and health care, and to learn to protect themselves.In the new semester, in order to make children's physical and mental development better and to carry out better work in the future, our class has made the following plans: First, what we must do as teachers 1Insist on the morning check-up every day.To ensure that children do not bring dangerous goods into the park, if there is to be recovered, strict child safety system. 2Ensure the ventilation and cleanliness of the classroom, ensure the safety and sanitation of the corner materials, and disinfect toys regularly.Prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in a timely manner, and ensure that each person has a cup and a towel. 3Strict handover records, timely counting of the number of people and goods and clear handover with successor teachers. 4Check for dangerous substances during the nap and inspect children for bad sleeping habits, such as covering their heads and correcting them in time. 5In outdoor activities, teachers should carefully check the safety of the venue, eliminate the unsafe factors in time, ensure the safety of children, and do not forget children's goods after activities. 2. As an educator, educating young children should do: 1Educate children not to climb balconies at home or elsewhere. 2Ensure the safety of upstairs and downstairs.Children can do not push and pull, do not jump steps. 3Children know not to go with strangers, not to eat strangers.Understand not to leave adults or groups at will. 4Children know not to put their hands between doors, tables and chairs to avoid injury. 5When playing toys or games in outdoor activities, children can be modest, not crowded and supervise each other.Help each other when holding the instruments to ensure the safety of children. 6Know that you can't touch electrical appliances such as sockets, and don't play with unsafe appliances.Be careful when you play with scissors and know how to use scissors correctly. 7Through cognitive activities, we know that we can't put paper balls and buttons in our ears and noses, or foreign bodies in our mouths, or play with dangerous articles such as clothes in our naps. 8The purpose of recognizing common traffic signs is to learn to see traffic signs clearly and to adjust their social behavior according to signs when children go out. 9Educate children not to do dangerous things, and at the same time deepen children's awareness of dangerous goods. 10Distinguish right from wrong.Let children improve their safety consciousness by distinguishing right from wrong of safety knowledge 11Learn family address, telephone number, parents'name and so on, and know special telephone numbers 110, 119, 120. Only through various forms of activities can children understand the simple knowledge and methods of self-protection, and can children's safety be truly guaranteed.We will strive to implement these plans accurately, so that there will be no errors in safe work during this semester, so that every little angel in our class can grow up and learn in a safe, relaxed and happy environment. Summary of Party Members'Year-end Work Looking back on one year's experience, there are gains and shortcomings.I have made some progress in my thinking and study. Now I will make a summary report on my thinking, work and study in the past year.First, we should consciously strengthen theoretical learning, strengthen organizational discipline and strengthen theoretical learning. First, we should attach importance to it ideologically.Theory originates from practice and is higher than practice.In the past year, I have taken the initiative to strengthen the

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