Interview Report of New Employees Time:2013October 17-19, 2001 (three shifts) Location:Production Training Room Staff:All new employees in September Objective:Let new employees integrate into production team as soon as possible, familiarize themselves with the job content and process, and understand and abide by the company's rules and regulations.Stable the mentality of new employees, ensure retention, timely grasp the psychological changes and work conditions of new employees, you can communicate with the monitor and supervisor for the first time.Finally, new employees can become qualified employees who are recognized by the company, familiar with the technology, develop good working habits, work attitude and long-term employment. Outline:1.The HR Department publicizes the good news of the company and stabilizes the employee's mentality. 2.Answer and record the staff's work and accommodation life. 3.Career planning and job prospects for new recruits. Content: 1. Publicizing the company's interests and stabilizing the employee's mentality Before the interview, I explained the main purpose of this interview with the new employees, which is to make them feel concerned by the company, instead of finding the speaker and confusing about the direction of personal development after they come in.Newcomers are all employed within one month. Through a certain period of work, they have a certain understanding of the position and simple rules and regulations. However, in order to stabilize the determination of employees to work for a long time, it is necessary to establish a link between employees and enterprises and establish a sense of belonging, that is, to let employees know that they work in the company, the development of the company, and everything in the company is connected with them.Departments, we need to timely convey and publicize some of the company's major developments and good news.1. For example, the company has slowly entered the right track, production has gradually stabilized, so that employees can work more safely and steadily.Because the current production staff need more stable working environment besides the salary is the demand; 2. The relocation of the company next year is more concerned and concerned by the employees, regardless of what the old employees say, but first of all, we should stabilize the mentality of the new employees, let the employees understand that relocation is a better development of the company, is the embodiment of strength.It will not affect the production and personal interests, but will bring benefits, such as commuting buses, convenient company's transportation, lasting the development embodiment and growth; of the 3. Let employees timely understand the current staffing problem, cherish the opportunities of the present job, control the turnover, ensure retention; 4. Planning the interests and development of new employees after the change, establishing the direction of personal development, so as to let them know.New employees know that the company's development space and reserve management positions are closely related to them, depending on how they do, give them a job incentive and hope. 2. Solving staff problems and building communication bridges Set aside a certain amount of time for employees to find out in advance and help them solve the problems of work and life in the company, embody the company's humanistic care, and adjust the relationship between employees and the company. 1. Equipment and Maintenance of Hardware Facilities in Residents'Dormitories There is only one bed in the accommodation room, and there is no place for clothes and corresponding articles to be placed. There is no place for employees who eat and have computers to use, which causes certain inconvenience.For some dormitories which need to be repaired, it has been recorded and managed with administrative communication to ensure the normal accommodation of employees. 2. Requirements for product output, piece-counting and quality assurance Interest is now the most concerned and direct issue for employees. Before entering the job, it has been stated that wages are paid according to the standard of output raised by working hours. At the same time, it has been equipped with the structure of basic and performance pay. It has also explained the range of wages before and after the conversion and the release time.

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