Interview form for a company Interview positions: Full name: Residence: Gender: Contact information: Time: Graduation school: Major: Expected salary: Education: Expertise: work experience Interview assessment Interview evaluation can be written from several aspects. Because examiners are different, positions are different, time is different, and regions are different, the content of side reviews for examinees is not exactly the same, and the emphasis is also different. For example, if the position is in the Party's organization or personnel department, examiners may focus on examinees'moral standards, political standards, disciplinary standards, whether they have a clear political position and conduct themselves.Principles are highly valued by examiners.If it is in the general administrative business department, the examinee's ability to deal with problems is more important.However, the basic content of interview evaluation is universal, including: (1) Instrument demeanor This refers to the examinee's body shape, appearance, colour, dress and manners, mental state, etc.National civil servants have a high demand for instrumental demeanor. Therefore, instrumental demeanor is an important part of civil servants'employment interview.Research shows that people with dignified appearance, neat clothes and civilized manners generally do things regularly, pay attention to self-restraint and have a strong sense of responsibility. (2) Professional knowledge To understand the depth and breadth of candidates'mastery of professional knowledge, and whether their professional knowledge meets the requirements of the position they want to recruit, as a supplement to the written examination of professional knowledge.Interview is more flexible and profound in examining professional knowledge, and the questions raised are closer to the needs of professional knowledge for vacant positions. (3) Working experience Generally, according to the results of searching the candidate's resume or job registration form, make some relevant questions, and inquire about the candidate's background and past work, in order to supplement and confirm their practical experience.Through the understanding of work experience and practical experience, we can also examine the examinee's sense of responsibility, initiative, thinking ability, oral expression ability and the rational situation in the event. Image, expression, experience, appropriateness For example: 1The image is good and general. 2Medium and strong expressive ability. 3Have a certain, many years, rich (post) work experience. 4Good and excellent overall performance. 5It can be employed, cultivated, reserved and re-tested. Attention should be paid to interview comments: 1Interview comments should be based on the basic requirements of the job. 2The language of interview comments is as refined as possible, and the meaning is accurate and objective. It can be perfunctory because candidates can't see it. 3Interview commentary is the comprehensive performance of candidates during the interview. It carries out an all-round evaluation. Both advantages and disadvantages need to be evaluated objectively. 4Make it clear whether to employ or not and avoid ambiguity.

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