Welcome Address By THE HON'BLE MR. NASIRULLAH BEG, Chief Justice, High Court, Allahabad, Delivered on November 25, 1966. Mr. President, Distinguished Guests and Ladies and GentlemenThis is a historic occasion in the annals of the High Court of Allahabad-the largest temple of justice in India, and, indeed, one of the largest in the world. Distinguished dignitaries from far and near have gathered together at this moment to join us in celebrating the completion of 100 years of the existence of this great and glorious institution. On this memorable day, it is my unique privilege to extend a very cordial welcome to all of you on behalf of my brother Judges, members of the Bar, the staff of this Court, and myself. We feel particularly honoured and gratified that you, Mr. President, are in our midst today to inaugurate the Centenary Celebrations of this Court not only because you are" the constitutional head of the Indian Republic, who invests every High Court Judge, by means of your warrant of appointment, with constitutional authority to perform his high judicial functions, but also because you are a great philosopher-statesman, whose writings and utterances will remain a source of perennial inspiration to generations of men and women to come. You belong to that glowing galaxy of sage whose writings and speeches rank among the formative factors for the lives and thoughts of men and women of the modern age throughout the world. You have, by your writings, interpreted the philosophy of our ancient Rishis to guide us amidst the complexities of this industrial age. While welcoming you, Mr. President, I cannot help referring to a personal link that exists between us--the link which binds a student and a professor of the same institution. I was a student of philosophy in the Presidency College, Madras, 'of which you were a distinguished Professor in that very subject. We are also deeply obliged and greatly honoured by the presence, on this occasion, of the Chief Justice of India, Mr. K. Subba Rao, who presides over the destinies of the highest Court of justice of this land. His deep erudition and powerful exposition of the principles of the law of the Constitution and other branches of law, which are not less important for the daily lives of the citizens, illumine the legal firmament of the Supreme Court from which all courts of justice in this country seek ultimate light and guidance. He is the central figure in all our items in the Centenary Celebrations. Our entire programme, in fact, revolves round him. Smt. Subba Rao has also been kind enough to take the trouble of accompanying him and lending grace to this occasion by her charming presence. I also welcome in our midst the head of our State, Mr. Biswanath Das, whose concern for the welfare, the position, and the prestige of this Court, evidenced by the two visits he made to this Court this year, at considerable discomfort to himself, for swearing in its two successive Chief Justices, has endeared him to everyone of us. He has, in fact, treated this function as his own and can be regarded more as a host than as a guest. I also extend my cordial welcome to our gracious Chief Minister, who has the distinction of being the first woman Chief Minister in India. Her respect for the judiciary and her regard for the Judges is well-known. We are also honoured by the presence, in our midst, of the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Mr. V. I. Terebilov and the other members of the Soviet delegation. While welcoming the distinguished Judges from Soviet Central Asia, I cannot help referring to the kinship of blood that exists between them and myself as a descendant of the Begs of Central Asia. My ancestors emigrated from Samarkand 200 years ago and made this great country their motherland, and thus separated from your ancestors; but I am happy that today, after such a long lapse of time, we, their descendants, are meeting on this auspicious occasion at this hallowed spot in this ancient land of love and glory. We also extend respectful and cordial welcome to the Lord President of the Federal Court of Malaysia, Tan Sri Syed Sheh Barakbah, his brother Judge, Mr. Justice H. T. Ong, and Mrs. Ong. We very much appreciate the high compliment which Mrs. Ong has paid to us by coming all the way from Malaysia to attend this ceremony. Her presence here is an affectionate gesture of goodwill towards the womanhood of India. You, My Lord President, come fr

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