World of Inclusion Limited Providing training, consultancy and advice on developing inclusive education and Disability Equality Response to the Draft General Comment on Article 24 by the CRPD Committee from World of Inclusion Ltd World of Inclusion is a training, resource producing and consultancy organisation that specialises in the implementation of inclusive education in the UK and many countries around the world. It is run by people with disabilities and is a DPO. International work includes Argentina, Botswana, Bhutan, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, South Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Ukraine, Zambia and Zimbabwe ( World of Inclusion works from a principle of human rights and equality and strives to address intersectionality of differing equality strands. World of Inclusion works from the social model/human rights perspective and rejects a deficit/medical model approach. Therefore barriers to inclusive education are found in built environments, organisations, policies, practices and attitudes, though we recognise that people with disabilities need specific accommodations, supports and approaches to their impairment, within inclusive settings. Having made a submission in writing and a verbal presentation to the Day of General Discussion on Article 24, World of Inclusion welcomes the Draft General Comment and the progressive direction they have taken. In particular we welcome :The ‘Right to Inclusive Education’ rather than just ’education’ in the title of the General Comment; The clarity of the case for inclusive education based on a human rights approach and in particular the educational, social and economic case to be used when arguing with Governments; (Introduction p.1-7) The definition of inclusive education; ( p.9) The clear identification of barriers to inclusion; (p.9) The defining of the right to inclusion as a ‘process that transforms culture, policy and practices in all educational environments’; (p.11) The clear distinguishing between segregation, integration and inclusion; (p.11) The recognition that placing students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms without appropriate support does not constitute inclusion; (p.11) The prohibition of exclusion based on impairment or its degree; (p.18) The recognition that denial of reasonable accommodation is discriminatory and immediately applicable; (p.137 p.40) Support measures must be compliant with the goal of full inclusion; (p.33) Education of all students must rest with the Education Ministry; (p.61) The call for the transfer of resources from segregated to inclusive environments; (p. 63) The recognition of the importance of families and representative organizations of people with disabilities; (p. 80) The call for new assessment measures that will not disadvantage people with disabilities . (p.77) However, World of Inclusion would respectfully like to put forward a number of amendments to the Draft General Comment (GC), based on our experience of working on developing inclusive education in many countries with different social, economic and cultural factors. Most of these amendments are offered to increase clarity and understanding. A few are new points World of Inclusion consider to be important but neglected. The GC will be a very important document to aid States, International Agencies, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Disabled Persons’ Organisations ( DPOs), schools, colleges, school principals, teachers, administrators, families and young people with disabilities, to implement Article 24 and inclusive education. Each amendment identified by paragraph number, has an explanation, is marked Amendment and the textual change is in red. 9. Definition of the right to inclusive education. The definition does not make it clear that inclusion should be available in local mainstream or regular schools, nor does it make clear that persons with disabilities should not be excluded by virtue of their impairment. Amendment In 7th line, after ‘marginalized’, insert “ in local mainstream or regular schools and colleges from which persons with disabilities are not excluded by virtue of their impairment”. In 11/12th lines, include in-depth transformation of the education system, ‘legislation, policy’ is listed. However, curriculum is not mentioned. In some countries, curriculum is subsu

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